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    I do not qualify for the Verizon edge plan, even though I have been customer ever since they bought Alltel. Has anyone else had this problem.


      Today I went to the Verizon store to upgrade my girlfriends phone which is on my account b/c I wanted to use the edge plan to buy the iPhone 5c. I had read in several different places that I could upgrade using edge and not loose my unlimited data, turns out I was misinformed, which the guy at the store told me after he had my information pulled up using my cell number. I told the guy I was not willing to give up my unlimited plan AND pay full price for the phone, I thanked him for his time and we left. When we left the store I called the Verizon number that is given on the website and told them I was interested in the edge plan for the 5c and asked for more information, ( I thought the guy at the store was wrong and I was checking). The woman I talked.......long story short, I talked to 8 people including 2 managers and none of them could tell me why I did not qualify for the edge financing (even if switching the plan), SO I was hoping someone on here might could help. I have been a customer since Verizon bought out Alltel, I have automatic payments set up with no late payments for as long as I can remember, and was eligible for an upgrade on 01/03/2013. Any experience or advice in this area would be appreciated.


      Thank You!