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    iPhone 4S/no wifi or Bluetooth after update to iOS 7


      I updated my iPhone 4S to iOS 7 about a week ago with no connectivity problems at first. Then, two days ago, I have no Bluetooth or wifi, both buttons greyed out. I have tried every solution listed on Apple's support pages, short of freezing or heating it, and have never had recovery. I purchased the phone in March 2012 so of course, I'm out of warranty. I'm on a two year contract so I would be paying full price to replace. The phone is still usable but not having the Bluetooth is hurting the worst-I need it while traveling/driving on long trips. It's just super frustrating to know that this is obviously a very widespread problem that has something to do with the update-all of these phones didn't decide to stop working at once. Now, we're expected to pay/upgrade to a new phone because Apple has a software compatibility problem with the 4/4s.


      Is anyone aware if there is a possibility that Apple may come up with some kind of a patch/update and I should just hold out? It's like they've left all of us who are having problems hanging out to dry, expecting us to run out and buy a new iPhone. Quite the opposite-from the looks of it, their lack of support and ownership of the problem is going to lose a lot more customers than they think. Too bad it won't be enough to make a difference to them....

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