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    Military Veterans Discount Renewal




      Recently I had to renew my "Military and Gov't Employee discount."  I understand the desire to re-verify a person whose status may change and become ineligible, but I am retired USAF.  My status will never change from that of "Retired Military" for the rest of my life.  Why am I having to reverify?  You are doing nothing other than wasting your time and mine.


      Also, some clarification on what a "veteran's i.d." is opposed to my retired military i.d. would be appreciated.




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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Hi DerekDaG1,

          Thanks you for serving our country! You have done a great thing for all of us. I hear you, I know that it is frustrating to verify your discount again. I get it, you will always qualify since you are retired. When we send out the validation notices, we send them to all customers that are receiving our discounts. I will lift the feedback up so that in the future this may not have to happen again. Again, I am sorry for the inconveniences.


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            I have a military/gov discount on our account too that they are requesting us to validate. Verizon has my husband jumping thru hoops trying to access his military email over in Kuwait....they changed something with the AKO email and he is not able to access the link, therefore he cannot respond. They have his orders on file that he is deployed and his phone is suspended at this time because of that, but they cannot use those orders to validate he is still in Military....what kinda **** is that?!?!?!  I find this very disheartening what they are doing to him to validate his info when they already have it on file!

            I am very disappointed with Verizon at this moment and will think very long and hard about changing companies when he returns!

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              Verizon Wireless Customer Support

              Hi kaytmae,

              Your efforts are greatly appreciated and I am here to help because I understand your frustration! I would love the opportunity to review your account in effort to identify what transpired. Are you listed as an Account Manager on the account? Have you had a chance to visit a store in an attempt to provide the orders for revalidation? At your leisure, please DM me your name and wireless number. I look forward to hearing form you soon.

              Thanks for your contribution to our community forums,


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