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    How to 'Renew' a discount for my company affiliation?


      I have been trying to 'renew' my discount offered because of my affiliation with our franchisor.  The online renewal system does not work.

      The paper requirement for a copy of my paycheck - I am a commission only sales agent.  I get a check every month or two, and I deposit it.  I don't get a paycheck.  Too bad they say.

      We are a franchisee, under the Prudential Real Estate Franchise.  Apparantley our email addresses are not part of the 'registered' email addresses Verizon Wireless has on file, so they reject me.  Now they sent me a threatening letter that they are cancelling my 'discount'.


      We are one franchise office of 2,000 in the United States.  We are ranked #1 in NATION for total transactions.  We have 350 agents in our office.  We each pay about  $150/month, plus taxes, for our cell phone services. I do not know how many are with Verizon Wireless, but my educated guess i that probably 30% to maybe 60%.  If we settle at 45% average, we have a number to work with.


      2,000 offices.  Maybe 100 agents average office.  Maybe 45%, or 45 people times 2000 offices = 90,000 users of Verizon Wireless

      Multiply 90,000 times $150/user =$13,500,00 PER MONTH.  times 12 months = $162,000,000, just from these franchise participants.


      Your system does not function right (to accomodate the 'affiliates' of Prudential, due to the thousands of different email addresses.  We do not use the Prudential Corporate email systems, as we are an affiliate, not direct employees.


      To make it even more difficult, you tell me to send a copoy of my paycheck.  I dont get a paycheck, as explained above.  Now you tell me it is too bad!


      For who?  Me or you   Me, as I lose the discount, or you as you lose me as a customre? (IF I leave, I do NOT return.)


      I offered to send my business card, which clearly states "Prudential Ambassador Real Estate' on it (the name of our franchise)  NOPE you say. Can't execpt ANYTHING except  A PAYCHECK STUB - which you can't get because you don't get a paycheck!!


      The super Catch-22.

      Can you fix your system, or accept some other 'proof' of affiliation?


      I am waiting.



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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Hi Mjbfb,

          Oh my! We would never want to see you leave. I know how important it is to receive the best value for your plan. We want renewing your employee discount to be easy! If you do not have a paycheck stub for proof of employment, you can fill out the employment validation form here http://vz.to/1bITuFy. Keep me posted.

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            Verizon Wireless Customer Support

            Let's look further into this PBJ_47! Are you applying for a discount for the first time or are you re-validating an existing discount? Did you receive a reply email with a verification link? If so, please verify for success. If no, please complete the process again. Please share more details so I may further assist accordingly. Thank you.

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              OK - If you look at the form, it request the 'corporate headquarters'.  Since I am an affiliate, and also have some knowledge about Prudential, I can tell you that he "Corporate" headquarters is somewhere in Newark, New Jersey.  Since I have no direct knowledge about where, and I am also not sure where the 'prudential real estate franchise' corporate headquarters' is, and we have NO contact with them directly, this could get very difficult.  I know that Prudential Insurance Company has about 12 REGIONAL CORPORATE HOME OFFICE throughout the US and Canada.  Should we enter one of those, or should we go find out, all 200,000 of us, which would be the corporate headquarters that would apply?  or should we us OUR "Corporate Headquarters" here in Omaha.  We are a corporation, with 400 employees and independent contractors as sales people.


              This is way too hard.  Make it simple.


              Thank you,



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                This is my first time signing up for a discount through my work.


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                  Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                  Thanks for the reply mjbfb. The last thing that we want to do is make a simple process more difficult for you. I would like the opportunity to clarify and get this resolved once and for all. May I ask for you to sendus a private message with your full name and mobile number so we can call & assist. I'm looking forward to your reply.

                  Thank you...

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                    Arnett H

                    Thank you for your interest in my predicament! 


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                      I am also having major issues with renewing my employee discount. I was asked to renew in September, at which time I put in my work email address for the college where I teach and through which I received the original discount. Verizon's system was not recognizing it and last week a representative finally told me that the college was not registered for an email domain, which is why my email address was not recognized. I asked our HR person to call in to try to rectify this and she did so last week, and was on hold for 10 minutes until she had to leave.


                      Back in September when Verizon was not recognizing the email address, I submitted the form with my email address from the second college for which I work. That one was accepted, but only granted half of the discount I would receive from the first college I attempted. I've been trying to get that second email address overridden, but can't seem to get any personal help from anyone, other than being told I need to submit a paycheck stub......of course, since I don't teach in the summer, my last paycheck stub was back in June (which exceeds the 60 day requirement by Verizon). My next paycheck comes at the end of October, and I do not wish to wait that long, just to get my employment validated!


                      I also asked if Verizon could get some formal documentation from the HR Dept at the college to validate my current employment, and they didn't accept that option. Insisting on a paycheck stub seems to be the only alternative, and my wanting to buy two smartphones and adding on to my family plan for about a month now, doesn't seem to speed up the process of getting my employment validated.


                      Can you explain why this process is so complicated and why validating my employment through the HR Department of a college is not a viable option? This is taking way too long.....

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                        Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                        We appreciate you working so hard to get your higher employee discount reactivated, YCB. You certainly do have a more unique situation and we absolutely want to get you the great discount you deserve. The representatives at our Employment Validation Processing Center can help find alternative options for you. Please give them a call at 800-890-8007 or send an email directly to help@VerizonWireless-employmentvalidation.com for assistance.

                        We're looking forward to getting your employement validated and working with you to get those upgrades you've been excited about.

                        Thank you

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