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    How to cancel my contract?


      My 2 year contract should be over now. How do I cancel my contract and get my deposit back?

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          IF you have gone 2 full years, then there is no need to cancel your contract, you are just no longer under contract, simply a month to month customer and can leave at any time.


          Your deposit is quite another story. IF you are no longer under contract and you cancel your service, your deposit would go towards any additional charges you may have at the time of the cancellation with the remainder being refunded to you.


          Normally, a deposit will be refunded automatically after 12 months, but during that 12 month period, you must have made all payments on time and in full. If you fail to do so, your 12 month period would start over.


          Bottom line is if you are planning to stay with Verizon, you will get your deposit back after 12 months of continuous on time and in full payments.

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            Thank you! Is there a way I can check if my contract is over or not? And how do I "just leave"? Do I not pay the bill or something?

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              You could sign into your MyVerizon account and check your contract end date, of course.


              A bit easier, you could dial #upg from your device. If it says you are currently eligible for an upgrade, then you are not under contract.


              What do you mean by "just leave"? Are you planning to go to another provider? If so, go to that provider and let them know you would like to port over your line. That will cancel your Verizon service.


              Otherwise, you can go into any Verizon store and ask to cancel your service or you can call CS at *611 and ask to cancel your service.

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                  Verizon is great besides paying for their 2 year contracts unless you only work with one or 2 lines you better make sure you sell enough stuff or make atleast over $350 per hour or $35000 month salary if you want as good service but worse or same as at&t and if your east and middle of usa by state why didnt you go with sprint? your a fool if you didnt and make low poverty or just greedy. please be smart. verizon i pay $500 minioum every week with 7 lines 4 being used barely....

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                    I would guess a good question would be why have those 4 lines if they are being used "barely". It might be beneficial to look into moving those lines to pre-paid on a daily use plan which would only incur a charge if you use it on a specific day.