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    What happened to my 4G?


      I've had V for 6 years or so.  Until 3 years ago I stayed for the awesome support and great coverage.  2 years ago I stayed for the great coverage.  This year I'm not even getting the coverage anymore.


      I have 3 4g devices on my plan.  And LG Revo, a Galaxay Nexus and an GS3.  All have the same issues in the same places, so it's not the phones.


      I drive to California to visit family to visit family 3-6 times a year.  From Salt Lake City, through Las Vegas and LA and then to the Central Coast.  In the past (as recently as Christmas 2012) I had great data connections 90% of that trip.  The 3 times I've made that trip since this spring I've had data maybe 25% of the way.  I couldn't even get a connection on the Strip in Vegas a month ago to find a hotel on my phone.


      In the last 6 months I can't even get good data connection in SLC.  I work at the University of Utah.  I used to laugh at my coworkers who couldn't get a signal in the hospital when I always could.  No longer.  No where on campus has a good connection for data anymore.  Not at my home.  Not at my wife's work.  Not at the movies or restaurants.  Getting data is completely unreliable making the entire point of having a smart phone moot.


      There is an upside.  I went from paying for 6-8 gig of data a month to the lowest setting for the shared plan.  Since I can't get connected to anything but WIFI there isn't any data getting used on my account.


      I've got another 8 months on my contract with V.  If something doesn't drastically change I'm gone.  Why pay a premium for the same ****** service I can get anywhere.