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    My 4G LTE speed on Droid Razr MAXX HD is abysmal in Washington DC Area


      Started with HTC Thunderbolt on 4G at 30Mbps 2 years back and now down to 0.35 Mbps on Droid Razr MAXX HD. I used to boast around the speeds on my phone with my AT&T friends and now its vice versa. Verizon 4G LTE speed is more pathetic than T-mobile or AT&T 3G speeds. My phone would drop data connections all day long in the office and this didn't happen before, it had started recently. I tried various resets, almost 5 Sim card replacement from their store and still no good. Opening a ticket with them is like spending 2 hours of troubleshooting before they even listen to you. Cannot stream videos, cannot watch anything on my phone, **** its up to the point that I just cannot use data services at all. The only place I get better 4G LTE is in Loudoun county at my home. The speed is consistently around 19-20 Mbps. Its only when I come to DC downtown or Rockville the phone is almost unusable. I don't know when will they hear me or I might have to just walk away and never recommend verizon to anyone for their pathetic wireless service (couldn't justify the price that I pay for their "Reliable"???? service). Is anyone else having issues with their phones or is it just me ?

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