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    troubleshooting hotspot activation


      So far I've clicked on Cellular >> Set Up Personal Hotspot >> then "to enable personal hotspot on this account, contact verizon or the website pops up. Upon calling and searching the website I have had no such luck answering the question on how to enable my hotspot setting!! this is frustrating.

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          Okay a couple of questions.


          Is your wifi radio turned off on the phone?


          Which data plan do you have? Nationwide with unlimited data? Nationwide with tiered data? Share Everything with it tiered shared data?


          I would like to assume you have an iPhone 5 since that is where you posted your question. Can you please verify that is the phone you want to activate the hotspot on?

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            Verizon Wireless Customer Support

            mpramos3, I'm here to ease your frustrations. We want enabling the hotspot feature to be easy breezy for you. For your convenience, I've provided the steps below for the iPhone 5:

            Settings >Personal Hotspot >WiFi password >implement a personalized password & tap done.

            For more information regarding setting up the Personal Hotspot, click http://bit.ly/y5iuoj

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