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    iPhone 5s stolen during shipping


      I would just like to get some opinions here.


      I ordered the new iPhone 5s and signed for and received the package from Fedex.  I opened up the box and found no phone in it, just the paperwork.  I noticed later that the box had a second layer of tape on it, different from the original, so someone probably opened it up, took the phone, then re-taped the box.


      Verizon determined that the theft occurred while it was with FedEx and its no longer they're problem.  They took my money and if I want to be reimbursed then I have to deal with FedEx myself.  On top of that, if I want to the new iPhone I have to reorder it and be put in the month long wait list.


      Am I wrong in thinking that Verizon should take more responsibility in this, or at least be more helpful.  In my opinion they should be the ones dealing with FedEx to get the money back and in the mean time send me a new phone ASAP.  Opinions?

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          On an unrelated note, should I go to AT&T or T-Mobile in San Diego?

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            I'm sorry to hear about the situation.  However its not Verizon s fault since they didn't ship the phone and is a wireless company. They can investigate when they packaged the phone but once it goes to fedex then fedex has responsibility.  The good news is fedex has insurance and you should get your money or phone

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              But I payed Verizon to give me a phone.  I didn't pay FedEx to ship it.  Verizon did. FedEx failed Verizon so they should have to deal with that.  Verizon's responsibility to me is to give me the product I paid for.

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                Yes you paid for the phone to verizon. Phones purchased get free shipping from fedex.Verizon does not ship phones. Fedex does. If you buy from anywhere else online and it gets stolen you always contact the shipper

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                  Difference of opinion I guess.  I paid Verizon to give me a phone and they chose to ship it through FedEx.


                  I've heard Amazon is very good to its customers about resending stolen or lost items.  Thats how it should be.

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                    I received an empty box from amazon where I bought something that was $75 but nothing in it. I emailed amazon and they gave me fedex number to call and claim it stolen. After a week fedex said it was stolen and they contacted amazon to reorder at no charge for me. I hope it goes well for you

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                      This happened to me as well. I absolutely think you are correct!!! I ordered a phone and it never arrived. Verizon said file a claim with the postal service. (when did they start sending phones by postal service instead of FEDEX)...WHY would I file a claim with the postal service as I NEVER received the equipment! Verizon said they sent it and the postman said he dropped it off..This was a bunch of boloney...The equipment was still considered Verizon property until I or someone at me house signed for it. They eventually agreed with me and took it off my bill. They had no proof of signature or anything, WHy should your customer suffer for something they had no control over. If Verizon had given you another phone until the claim was issued they would have a satisfied costumer and one less phone from them wouldn't had bankrupted them or cost them anything.

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                        Think of it in this way: if you send back a phone you decide you don't want, and Verizon never receives it, would you be angry at Verizon for charging you for the unreturned phone? If you shipped it, took it to FedEx with the return label on it, and it was lost in shipping, whose fault is it? Verizon will say it's your fault, but most customers would say it's not and refuse to pay for the lost device. Same concept. Verizon ships the phone via FedEx, a shipping company. Their responsibility is toensure the package is delivered, and if it is not, FedEx is the one who messed up. Verizon is not a shipping company, they pay someone else to handle the shipping. FedEx lost it, so you have to go through them for resolution. Verizon shipped something in good faith through a company that specializes in shipping, so when the package left their warehouse their responsibility ends. Imagine what phones would cost if each one was personally delivered to your door by a Verizon employee.

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                          Verizon does use Fedex as their primary shipper, but they also use USPS and UPS i'm assuming because of rate differences in cetain areas. Verizon also chooses to require a signature for all deliveries and insures all packages at additional cost. If the shipper loses or damages the package it isn't Verizon's fault. The shipper will need to investigate the Claim as part of their insurance process. Fedex would then reimburse the recipient for the retail cost to replace the lost / damaged item. Verizon can certainly reorder the device but it is a flagship device and Apple didn't produce enough devices (Not Verizon's fault for the delay). It's a rough situation and it shouldn't have happened. The security at fedex should be improved and would be a point to make with Fedex. If you aren't going to continue with VZW you should cancel the account they created for you. Retail cost of iphone 5s 16gb $650 (the amount Fedex would have to reimburse) minus the $200 paid already and the $350 termination fee for canceling service and not returning the device you'll come out with ~$100

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