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    Verizon Cloud Access Restricted


      This morning I tried to access my photos through Manage & Store Media so that I could download them to my own computer. Although all of my photos were listed, I couldn't see the images. I logged out, and logged back into my account thinking that maybe my browser needed to refresh. Now, anytime I try to access "Manage & Store Media", I get this error page that says "Verizon Cloud Access Restricted". It goes on to say:


      Sorry for the inconvenience, but employee use of the Verizon Cloud web portal is blocked in accordance with the Verizon Wireless Information Security Policy.


      If you wish to access the Verizon Cloud portal, please do so from a personal computer using another method to access the Internet (e.g., using a home computer with your home Internet connection).


      Please do not request access to Verizon Cloud via the ACSR process, which does not provide for exceptions to the above blocking policy.

      If you would like more information on Verizon Cloud services, visit InfoManager>Products/Svcs>Media Center>Verizon Cloud



      I'm on my personal computer in my house. I don't understand how I continue to get this message, especially since it worked once this morning. Any thoughts on how to fix this? I've tried using Chrome and Firefox, and I've disconnected and reconnected to my wireless router.

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          Same problem, I called tech support and they are researching the  problem. Explained that the IP address was assigned a verizon employee  restriction that essentially restricts verizon employees with account  access privileges from viewing personal content that we store in the  cloud, ie: basically they can't view our files/pics. They have no idea  how this has happened but shows that the restriction happened sometime  around 11 am today. CALL THEM ASAP. 1-866-406-5154 and option 3

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            Update... I called VZW back and gave my report ticket number that was generated during my initial call and asked for an update. I am being told that they think the problem arose when a "free activation" promotion for this weekend went into operation and  a "glitch" occurred which initiated this "employee code" being attached to some accounts. They could give no numbers or demographics as far as people affected and no ETA for a fix.