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    Verizon Edge questions regarding the EDGE UP portion


      I have two questions regarding the Verizon Edge Plan


      1. After 6 months, assuming at least 50 percent of the device is paid for, you can "edge up" to a new device. My question is, do the monthly payments for that specific device then stop? (Of course assuming you turn in the correct phone and it is in working condition). In other words, I do not have to finish the payments for that specific phone off do I?


      2. Once I am eligible to "Edge Up" do I have to continue with the Verizon Edge plan? Or, can I simply trade in the phone and switch back to a regular 2 year contract? In other words, if you want to upgrade after 6 months, does it have to be through Verizon Edge, or can it be through a new regular 2 year contract?


      Thank you for your help


      - Michael F.