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    Samsung Brightside Email issues


      Are you still having this problem????


      Just got a new Brightside and was hoping to use email app. Spent alot time on phone with Verizon support and was finally told just to take it to a store to see if they could help - I may have to try that route. The tech support reps over the phone had me delete and add back the email app 2 times. The service is at best intermittent and often delayed hours before posting to the phone. - I can't use this for occasional business as I had planned


      Was really disappointed to read about all the problems here as Verizon service (and support) has been solid over the many years I have been a customer.

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          I'm sorry you're having issues with your new phone Phil-0329. I love this device and know many friends and family who use this phone with no issues. I can help with your issues today. What specific problems do you have with the email? Are your issues with accessing the application, sending, receiving, or viewing? If you're within the 14day worry free guarantee, I recommend returning the phone if it continues to have issues. Taking it to the store would be an awesome step because a representatives can provide a hands on evaluation for your device. The last step would be a ticket to review the issue in more detail. We can do this over the phone. Please keep us posted so we can ensure your issues is resolved.

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