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    Remotely hack IPhone 4


      Is there a way someone could have hacked my IPhone 4 remotely? I cannot figure out how someone knows exactly what I am discussing with my attorney and friends.



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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Hello everett9 - Your security is our priority! While we are unable to support 3rd party applications, Spyware apps do exist on Smartphones. Also, if you are backing up the device to your computer someone can hook up their iPhone and restore your last backup to their phone however that would mean they have access to your computer. You may be best suited to complete a restore of your device and only reinstall trusted applications. Here is a link with instructions to restore: http://support.verizonwireless.com/support/devices/knowledge_base.html/39607/

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            Thank you for the reply. I have not downloaded any 3rd apps.

            My question was is it possible for someone to remotely access my phone to read my texts and emails.



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              If your information is being synced to Icloud another party could theoretically activate another ios device ( iphone, ipad, or ipod touch) with your icloud user information. Their device will be constantly synced with whatever you've chosen to sync to icloud. That is one possibility but it would require the other party to have your apple id (email address) and password. If you feel like you are being monitored turn off icloud and change your apple id password

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                Is there anyway to find out if someone has synced another device using my

                information? I backed up my iphone the other day then recovered deleted

                text messages. I found a few texts from unknown numbers from 4-11-2037. One

                had a 26 character code and the others were blacked out. I also notice my

                google location history is at times inaccurate.


                Any thoughts?

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                  Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                  phoneplan7886, thanks for providing information to everett9 regarding how to disable the iCloud feature. This feature can be easily disabled in the settings of the iPhone device. For the steps on how to do this, just click http://vz.to/165GZR7

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                    Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                    Receiving unknown information can be alarming everett9 but we can definitely help with some information. Yes, if you have multiple iPhone users using the same computer, they may have synced there device while you were logged in and there information transferred to the computer and their device. If you have multiple users, ensure each person is logged out and has their own personal log in. Keep us posted.

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