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    Update on loss of discount for retirees


      After talking to a very nice women in customer services, I must say, they have made me eat my words. A full meal of crow!! I called to find out how much the early termination fee would be to cancel my contract. She asked what the problem was. I explained to her about losing my discount because I retired. After talking for several minutes, she asked if she could put me on hold. I said yes. Waited a few minutes, she came back to make sure I was still on the line and that she needed a few more minutes if that was ok. Yes it was................ When she came back on the line I was offered a negotiated deal, all I had to do was extend my contract an extra two months to a full year. I told her that this what I had asked for to begin with when the **** hit the fan. I told her that I did not want to leave verizon because of the coverage they have, especially in the western US, where I travel most of the time.Nobody comes close to their coverage where I go!


      The way I was treated was the way we would all like to be treated. I don't know if I still feel that way if they had said no.......


      I will not disclose what I was offered because it might not be offered to you. I might depend on such things as:  Have you paid you bill on time? If late, how many times? How long have you been with them? etc.............



      This will be decided on a case by case basis. Don't tell them " He got it, I want it too! "


      I have seen posts about how rude people have been treated. We all get a person that is having a bad day or someone that has no business answering phones in customer service. If you get one of THOSE people, tell them goodbye and call back at a later time. It took me more than one call...... As a retired USPS employee, I have had bad days and dealt with many, many rude people. Being rude gets you nowhere fast. I was polite with the rep. It wasn't her fault I lost my discount! It was some big shot trying to make a bigger bottom line and make himself, or herself look good. It wasn't the fault of the people in my local store that did not know that corporate had changed policy and didn't tell them! To all the reps. out there, been there, I know what its like....... Maybe through all of this, I forgot how I felt trying to defend the USPS !! You can look at any cell phone company website and see reviews about what a bunch of ***** they are and will never go back.


      My advice to you is to call the customer service number and talk to them, Call back as many times as you need to. Saying that, sometimes no means no. If you can get a better deal somewhere else and you're happy about it, I'm glad for you. Staying with verizon works best for me, at least for the next year. Thank you to all that listened and replied with the same problem. I hope any advice I may given out helps you too!



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          I tried talking to a Verizon Customer Rep concerning my retiree discount.....with not much luck.  It takes so much time to connect with someone....got to be oh so patient.  I have been receiving a discount as a retiree form NYS Education Dept.  Now I understand I may lose the discount????   I am retired.  Now is when we need financial help.  So, how do I go about getting my retiree discount continued?  Can anyone out there help me?