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    Verizon's new "EDGE" program.


      Folks, Verizon's new Edge upgrade program is a big rip-off, call their customer service and they will give you the details on it, you want to circumvent their rip-off deal, here is what you need to do.


      Go to an independent Verizon Store, tell them that you are tired of your phone and you want a new one, here is what they will do for you. They will sign you up with "GRIP NEW ANYTIME POLICY" you will have to open an account with them it is a phone insurance as well as anytime equipment exchange program, the cost with tax is $21.06 per month, No other hidden requirements like Verizon has.  You must relinquish your existing phone to the store (must be in good condition) and get any new phone you want at the discounted price.  You can do this as often as you want to, tired of the phone go get another one.  you can also cancel your contract with GRIP at any time just ask the store the details on it.


      Now let's see what Verizon does:

      1st, you have to end your current contract.

      2nd after your new contract and six months into it, you can exchange your phone pay the full retail price over 24 months.


      You do the math.


      I have been a Verizon customer since 1995, now, they have turned into a Giant( do not care for their customers) glutenous, expensive, rip-off company.


      Since I did not buy my Samsung Galaxy SIII from the store I have to wait 30 days before I qualify for the anytime exchange, I will be taking full advantage of this program shortly.