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    Activation issue--"SIM Not Valid" on new iPhone 5S


      I picked up my new iPhone 5S today as a replacement for my one year old iPhone 5 (yes, I paid full price, but I got a nice return on the sale of my iPhone 5). I brought it home to set it up, but after several attempts, including swapping SIMs with my working iPhone 5, I had no success getting the 5S to activate.  The message "SIM Not Valid" appears with more info about contacting your carrier (in my case Verizon) or Apple for more info. 


      I went to my nearby Verizon store to see if I could get the phone activated.  The SIM was ruled out as a problem by activating the SIM from the iPhone 5S on my iPhone 5.  Putting it back in the 5S yielded no success.


      Finally, I went back to the Apple Store where I made my purchase and spoke to the Verizon rep there.  She informed me that this is a known problem as of this morning and that there is work being done to try to resolve it.  I hope they figure it out quickly because as of now I have a VERY expensive phone that doesn't do anything at all!!


      So---if you purchase an iPhone 5S at full price and you're still within your two year contract, be prepared for some activation issues.  THIS SUCKS!!

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