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    Postal Service Discounts for retirees.


      I just found out that Verizon has cancelled the discount for postal workers once you retire.  This is clearly a Verizon decision as it will not affect what the postal service pays.  I have been an incredibly loyal customer for Verizon for years, and even tell everyone I know that it's stupid to NOT use Verizon.  Are there more people (not just postal workers, but any retirees) that have lost their discounts? 

      If so we should really get together and make our voices heard.  Clearly Verizon was not taking a loss on us all these years, so why end the discounts now, after all our loyalty? 

      When I was in college they told me in marketing class that there's no end to how much damage even one person could do to a company.  If we get together maybe we can stop this Verizon policy of dropping retirees from getting a discount.  I am searching for options now as to pricing and maybe switching carriers.  Let me know if their are alternative carriers that give decent service.  If enough of our retirees leave at the same time then Verizon will change their policy back and give us the discounts we've been using all these years.  They will try to say it's the Postal Service, or whatever company you worked for, but it's not, it's Verizon.  Cutting our discounts after all these years as loyal customers- when we need it the most!

      I'll be contacting every site I can find about this; AARP, Postal web sites, retiree groups, etc. 


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          I, too, am looking now to switch very soon. Although, my spouse gets the same discount, I am leery that changing my account into my spouse's name would increase the contract length.

          I am disappointed that Verizon chooses to put an extra burden on retired, loyal customers. I, often, act on principal. This qualifies.

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            As you can see from my post yesterday, I'm also losing my discount because I retired. I was told at the store I wouldn't lose it, so obviously they are not aware of this. Have started doing research into Cos. that use the Verizon network. So far it looks like straight talk from Walmart might use their network. Haven't figured out if I can use an unlocked phone or my current droid. If anybody out there knows, please let us know. Have heard it is almost impossible to unlock a droid. Going to cut my service down to bare minimum until contract is up next July. Going to research to see which phones and cos. use Verizon network without paying them directly.

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              Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                   We LAST thing we want is for you to leave our happy wireless family Scott@AZ!  It is truly been an honor to be your wireless provider and we are looking forward to many more years to come. While we have went through an audit internally, retaining your corporate discount is super easy. May I ask do you still have a work e-mail address? Also, do you have a new employer? If so then you can renew your discount using this link, http://vz.to/12tDPUl.



              Thank you...



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                I was sent an email saying since I was now a retired employee, I know longer qualified for the discount. I also believe that this change in contract releases me from my two-year contract agreement. If I am not eligible for the employee discount or if your company does not feel that this releases me from my contact. And yes this is a financial hardship on me as a fixed income customer. I am willing to become a month to month customer at the $60 per month rate. If we can not come to an agreement on this matter, I will be looking for a new provider.


                There have been many thousands of postal employees that have retired in the past year. I would assume that honoring the employee discount, or maybe letting us convert to month to month at no charge, would be a financial advantage to losing many customers.


                Thank you for your time,





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                  Agreed.  A lot of the retirees that Verizon is dropping discounts for were union employees.  If we could some how all get together and drop our service together they'd see that it was a mistake to drop coverage for loyal customers that were able to retire.  If anyone would like me to take your name and email address we could keep a list of Verizon customers and the plan a petition to bring back the employee discount for retirees.  They weren't losing money on us all these years we've had the discount, and it's a really ****** thing to do.


                  You can't use any of the TrackPhone type alternatives that use the Verizon system.  Despite what Verizon says, they obviously don't use the same system.  I've tried it and the phone could barely call next door to me and worked absolutely nothing like the proper Verizon phone I had been using.  It was junk and the system it ran on was junk.  My Verizon Smart Phone works perfectly, and I was very happy to stay with them, even though there were chances to switch companies. 


                  Bottom line, unless we change companies when our contract comes up they have us over a barrel.  Or if they receive enough complaints.  I'm already in the process of writing the AARP and news services to see if we can't get some stories in the press and on radio talk shows, Clark Howard, etc., maybe even some web stories "Retiree's- think Verizon will stay with you after you retire?  Think again."- something like that.

                  I've also contacted the union to see if we can't get a lot of bad press out there about Verizon's policy on retiree's.  If everyone this has happened to out there writes one letter or drops there service with Verizon they'll realize what a big mistake they've made and continue discounts for us.  We might have a little more time on our hands for this now that we're retired.  Surely you have time to write one email to Verizon, or the AARP.  Let's get together and reverse this policy.


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                    I obviously also have Verizon - if it wasn't for their coverage areas *ONLY*, I would have gonee to a different company a long time ago. Verizon could care less about customer service. I am sorry that you are going thru this hardship and YES, Verizon should ABSOLUTELY work with you but they are money hungry moguls so they probably won't.

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                      We are all right to be ****** off about losing our discount. I am waiting to hear back about email I sent to corporate. There are other companies out there that use the verizon network. Just do a search on the internet. They say you dont get 4G using these companies. Guess what?! I dont get 4G in my own home anyway!  No matter where I am, most of the time Im on 3G ! If you buy an unlocked phone you can use their sim card and no contract. Make sure you get sim card that uses verizon network. Costs more up front for full price of phone, but cheaper over two years.... WAY cheaper!!  Contacting news media seems to be the way to go. Have written to consumer affairs and will be writing to AARP, Consumer reports and others soon.The more people know the better.

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                        Just received a new terms and agreement letter because I dropped my data plan down to minimum of 500MB. You might be able to break contract by NOT AGREEING to terms. Call customer support and tell them you do NOT agree. Do not know the consequences of this you might lose your service right away! If you do you might also lose your phone #  and have to get new number with your new carrier.

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                          Agree with on that! Went with them only because of their coverage. Everybody, well ALMOST everybody on a fixed income is a hardship these days! Verizon should work with all of us and do the right thing. Yes another example of money hungry moguls.........................

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