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    Mobile Jetpack is a scam


      I hate to post this but Verizon left me with no other outlets. 


      My Jetpack broke right around the warranty date... I called and they told me to bring it to store, which I did.  The store then said it was broken and needed to be replaced.  I called again, but the warranty had expired in the two days that had passed.  They tried to hold me to that even though I had already called 2 days beforehand.  I spent over an hour on the phone and had to be elevated to the manager before they agreed to replace the device 


      THEN, they mailed me a replacement, I mailed back the old one and stopped thinking about it.  I didn't hear anything so I assumed it was taken care of, then I got a call they never got the old device.  I have now called 5 times over the course of the last 3 weeks trying to track this thing down.  The last call was on 9/18.  They can't find the tracking number and told me I was responsible to track the device.  When I pointed out that they gave me the label, they said that it was still my responsibility.  I also pointed out that wasn't in my Terms & Conditions, they said I had agreed to another Terms & Conditions by requesting a replacement.  I said that wouldn't be legally binding as I never saw the contract, and I never actually said I agreed to anything.  So I asked if I could see the new terms and conditions and she said "no."  Amy.  Employee ID 324622.  She did everything just short of actually using the word "liar" but she basically said she couldn;t believe me because I didn't remember the details of the mailing label I had dropped off 33 days beforehand (I had initially mailed it on 8/15).  Do you remember what you had for breakfast 33 days ago?  How about what you wore?  how about what you did?  Not easy to do without a calendar in front of you... even harder when a hostile operator is peppering you with questions and calling you a liar.


      Now I have spoken to multiple managers, all of whom have promised to call me back, none of whom actually have called back.  They charged me $269.99 for it.  It's actually a better option for me to send back the brand new device and continue paying $20 per month for another year (for a device I won't even have). 


      Verizon is losing a customer.  I hate you.