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    Casio Commando 4G LTE Turns Off and Lock Out Daily?


      Have had the Casio Commando 4G LTE for about a month . From the second day I had it it constantly turns off. It's not off, but locked out where no button nor length of holding one down does anything. The only solution is to remove the battery. Generally, it does this at night, although sometimes during the day. It provides no warning just you go to use it and find out it is dead. This now has created anxiety and I'm checking the the phone 100 times a day. It is for business and I can not have this happen.


      So I have factory reset many times. Generally the reset will fix the problem for a few days, but then it comes back. The more I have on the phone the more frequently it happens. I am now since the last factory reset without gmail restore have installed only flickr and weatherbug app. It still is doing it daily. I need this phone to be on and active 24 hours a day.


      Please help.

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support


          I can only imagine how frustrating this must be! Having a reliable working phone is definitely important, especially for business!

          I have researched this issue and found that others have reported the same issue with the phone randomly powering off. We are working to address this and a fix will be included in a future update. There is no date when it will be available. As a work around, removing the battery for a minute or two will help.

          I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


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            I have also had this problem since day one of owning this phone. I was almost late for work because I relied on the phones alarm function to wake me up. Lo and behold the phone shut off or "locked out" during the night. I have tried factory resets and updates to no avail. I apologize, JohnB, but telling us "wel get around to it in an update sometime in the future, or whenever we get around to it. So tough luck" is unacceptable. I think its time for a recall and immediate replacement of our devices. This problem makes the phone inoperable at random times, which is unacceptable in a day and time were people rely on their cellphones.

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              You can also refer to these threads on the issue. JohnB_VZW, his post is like light at the end of a tunnel. A very long tunnel that could collapse and leave you stuck in it forever





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                I am having the same issue and I just received this phone last month through my employer. I returned the first one and Verizon sent a replacement, which of course, does the EXACT same thing! If you know this phone has a problem with no solution, why continue to sell them? That's poor customer service! I will have to find another solution, because random power offs are not acceptable. I just pulled the battery about a half hour ago, looked down and it was already off again!

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                  I am also having the same problems with the phone just randomly freezing up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is very frustrating to have a new device that acts like this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  I am a long time Verizon customer and had the previous Casio C771 and it never had this problem !!!!


                  It looks like with this many people having this issue that Verizon and Casio would have come up with a fix.

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                    I am also having problems with the casio phone from verizon ,i have to take the battery out  a couple times a day when the commando phone just FREEZES. it is very frustrating becouse we all bought these phones becouse verizon says its a very rugged phone.....

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                      verizon needs to do something about this as we all have been misformed about these   CASIO COMMANDO 4G  phones to be durable and rugged .. the advertisement never said anything about  a GLICH ..   my phone wont even get calls when it is frozen so i am missing important calls .   this is crazy.


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                        My Casio Commando 4G LTE also turns off or locks up several times a day.  The problem started a couple days after I bought it.  You say that it is a software glitch and an update will be sent to the phone any day.  Well it has been 2 months and still no fix.  I have to have this phone for my work.  I travel and require the phone to be on 24/7.  When I am trying to rely on the alarm function I can't because it will turn off during the night and my alarm will not go off.  Please tell us what you are doing to fix this, or give us a phone that works.  My phone is shutting off several times a day and I have missed several important calls.  What are you doing to fix this problem?

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                          Here is my update and what I suggest everyone else do. VZ knows about this issue. You need to call tech support and have them get with warranty dept. This phone is out less than 1 year so you all should qualify. Tell them your troubles. In the end stand firm and demand a different brand phone based on unreasonable manufacture support. They will warranty and send you a certified refurbished phone. I'm getting an HTC. Now the catch is, and I think this part is complete garbage, that they will put you in an older phone that has been out longer and costs less. I even offered to pay the difference for a newer model and suggested a few phones of equal value and similar release date. That did not go well for me. I have not received my phone yet, but being the sales this weekend I would also consider having them send you a replacement, selling that unopened box on ebay, cancelling your contract, and getting into a new contract with a non obsolete phone, and transferring the number.


                          I've been a contract customer for 10 years, and I have never had claims or issues. Needless to say they have made some money off me. None of this matters. To top it off the tech I had added protection services to my plan without my OK, so now I have to deal with that. I like the reception that VZ has, but I constantly feel I am being taken advantage of when I have to deal with them. I am not a techie, I answer calls and handle a few random messages, and honestly only use the smart phone portion to check the weather at my job.


                          VZ if you are paying attention, please explain to me why you gladly took my money to sell me a defective device. Then when I had an issue with it out of the box you told me to wait for a software update. 5 months later no update has happened, and the phone is worse than ever. So you attempt to make it right by offering to replace my 5 month old $600 phone with a 1 year old $400 used phone, and this is fair to you? I believe this is an extenuating circumstance, you should remove the Casio from your line, and offer to early upgrade all your Casio clients at no penalty, instead of insulting them by giving them obsolete replacements.

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