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    Droid DNA HTC Sim Card Issues


      I know there is multiple Post about this issue!  Here is my latest Info.. I am on my 3rd Sim card same phone.  first card was replaced 10 days after I got the phone.  Second card was replaced 3 days ago. both times I was resetting the phone 4-6 times a day.  Went to the VZW store the were going to have a new phone sent but with my line of work emergency services I needed the Phone working now so I took the 3rd sim card for now and called *611 they have more lateral to work with you.  Talked with tech support and per HTC its the SIM card tray. had a 3 way call with VZW tech support and HTC tech support. They have a new SIM card tray that they are sending out to me instead of replacing the whole phone. They think this is the fix.  We will see.

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          Please let us know how the tray works.... I have occasional episodes with the sim card and have to restart multiple times in a few hours and then works great for a while.  A fix would be great since you never know when it happens and you are without service. 

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            You could always use the tape trick while waiting for a new tray.  I don't see why you wouldn't just have them send you one.

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              I have been having the sim card problem for about 2 weeks. Today was the first time I had a chance to go to a verizon store. Justin the manager suggested changing the sim card. I asked what would be our next step after that did not work. His answer was to replace the card again. I asked if there are lemon laws for cell phones. Justin then handed me off to Emma. Emma stated that she had the same phone and that changing cards did not help with hers. She said changing phones did not either. Her suggestion was that she could give me credit towards a new phone that I would have to purchase. This phone is about 90 days old. I should not have to purchase anything. I would expect verizon to test and vet a product throughly  before they put their name on it. I understand that they did not manufacture the phone but they have sold it knowing full well of this problem. If I purchased a car from the Nissan dealer across the street from them the dealer would be responsible for repairs and getting the car in working order. They would not tell me to contact Japan or to disconnect the battery on a 3 month old car every time I want to drive it. Mcdonald's does not process the burgers in the resturant but they are still responsible for the quality.

                   I left the verizon store with Emma sending me a replacement phone by Tuesday. She said this would be the fastest way to escalate my problem. Every time I get a sim card error have them send me a replacement phone.

                   I also left with my blood pressure at its highest level ever. Has anyone ever left any cell phone store with their blood pressure at the same level as when you entered?

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                I am on 3rd phone replacement and 3rd sim card. Most disturbing is that my phone was within the 1yr warranty but Verizon Store insisted nothing wrong, replaced sim card and although they asked me for all of the required identification for my account they did not record the issues.  Because I travel for work and depend on my phone I have had to find verizon stores 3 while traveling and 4 times to the local store where I picked-up the phone. No they tell me I am outside warranty and I do not have an upgrade for one year. If you ask me this is a breach of contact on there part. I have spend hours on the phone with corporate which is a merry go round. One person took over one hour just to take my address to ship me what eventually was another defective replacement refurb phone. I just printed all of these comments and will be heading back to the store where I purchased my phone.

                This has caused me much grief are we all just going to keep letting the MAN (Corp) kick our butts around?

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                  How is it a breach of contract?  They replaced your phone, as stated in your contract, for the one year warranty period, as stated in your contract.  Also, why don't you just contact HTC and have them send you a new SIM card tray like was stated in several other threads about this same issue?

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                    going on 3rd replacement and 3rd sim card- I called Motorola they are no

                    longer making this model bc of ongoing issues of defects. So Verizon is

                    still replacing defective phones with defective phones. Not good faith. We

                    are so beholden to these monopolies as consumer we are doormats- one part

                    of the US that stinks is our supposed deregulation that created utility

                    monopolies that we are stuck with like Verizon

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                      Motorola doesn't make the HTC DNA.  And the DNA is no longer in production because they have moved on to the ONE, not because of defects.

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                        I wish it were that easy...

                        See their reply. (copy and pasted below)

                        Now I just wait for the next time my phone leaves me in a lurch..  As if I have not already done this each time..LOL


                        Thank you for contacting HTC technical support.


                        I am sorry to hear about this inconvenienvce with your device.


                        Laurie, in order to fix this problem with your phone first of all please follow these instructions:


                        1.  Perform a soft reset to the device.


                        This  can be done by holding the POWER button until the phone shuts off for  15 seconds, then power the device back on and try again.


                        2.  After that you can toggle to Airplane Mode > From the Start screen,  select All Apps > Select Settings > Tap the slider to turn  Airplane mode.


                        Once device is in Airplane mode, tap the slider to turn off Airplane mode.


                        3. If this does not resolve the issue, please remove and reseat the SIM and try again.


                        Before  removing the SIM, be sure to power off the device. Remove the SIM tray  using the SIM ejector tool.  Inspect the SIM card for any damages.  Remove and re-place the SIM onto the SIM tray, ensuring the SIM is  properly seated before placing the SIM tray back into the device.


                        If after powering on the device and the issue is not resolved, please proceed to the next step.


                        Replace  SIM card, after replacing the SIM card, be sure that it is properly  seated onto the SIM tray before placing it back into the device.


                        If after powering on the device and the issue is not resolved please reply to this email or call us at +1-866-449-8358 from 8AM to 1AM ET, 7 days a week.


                        You can also visit us at http://www.htc.com/www/support/ for more information about HTC.


                        Thank you for contacting us and have a good day.

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                          From your post:

                          If after powering on the device and the issue is not resolved please reply to this email or call us at+1-866-449-8358 from 8AM to 1AM ET, 7 days a week.


                          Call them!

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