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    Nexus 5


      Rumors are the Nexus 5 will be out soon.  I would REAAALLLLLLY LIKE to hear Verizon finally carry the phone.  I love the pure Google experience and can't understand why Verizon refuses to carry it.  So Verizon I want an answer why do you seem to not care about your customers desires?????  I'm personally sick of the generic answers I get when I call. Anyone had an better luck?

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          The FCC filing for the device that many believe might be the Nexus 5 doesn't have the radio support for the Verizon Wireless network. The tech news sites for Android devices have already discussed this "disappointment".

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            Correct I saw that also I'm really hoping they are wrong the only thing that gives me hope is the Nexus 7 is supported by Verizon.  I would really like to hear why they won't carry it. So Verizon lets hear it!

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              The Nexus 7 with LTE only supports the 4G LTE network. It doesn't work on the 1xRTT or 3G EDVO network used by Verizon Wireless.


              Verizon Wireless certain won't make an official or non-official statement on a device that hasn't even been announced Google.


              Until then all we can do is speculate.

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                If Google/LG doesn't make a Verizon Wireless-compatible device, how can Verizon Wireless carry it?

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                  21st that isnt how it works LG would have glady put the bands needed for it

                  to work on Verizon but Verizon refuses to carrier the Nexus line.  My guess

                  is they want control over the phones which they wouldn't have with the

                  Nexus line.  Verizon is the slowerst carrier to receive updates.

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                    That's not true, it's Google's decision to not make a Nexus phone compatible with Verizon's network.

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                      demmon no offense but you need to some research on the Nexus program.  The nexus programs gets updates as soon as they come out hense they come from Google not the carrier like the rest of the android phones.  Verizon is the One network of the big four that refuses to allow this.  That is why the last few Nexus's have not been on Verizon. 

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                        Unfortunately, I believe Verizon will NEVER have a Nexus device again, for the reasons mentioned by other commenters. Verizon is notrious for desiring to maintain iron-fisted control over the devices connected to their network, under the guise of "security" and "user experience".


                        Even more unfortunately, I'd guess conservatively that 9/10 Verizon customers have no idea what the Nexus devices are, or why they might want them as opposed to other devices. Power Users like ourselves are NOT the common denominator, and NOT Verizon's key demographic.



                        It simply won't happen. Verizon bungled and mishandled the Galaxy Nexus, and will never have another Nexus device on its network.


                        This is why I am 99% decided at this point that I will be leaving Verizon Wireless as soon as possible once my contract expires this December. Good riddance, I say.

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                          I think you hit the nail on the head.  I struggle do to Verizon having the best network in my area. I'm hoping AT&T will make it better so I can switch.  I agree most people dont know what the Nexus program is and don't care.  I have a family plan with 7 lines and I'm thinking the same as you about switching Verizon will through bloatware all day on your phone but won't let google update a phone.  It is truly sad.

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