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    Why an Android tablet vs. an iPad?


      I'm a Windows7 and Android user who is thinking of buying a tablet.

      I'm leaning towards an iPad - largely for it's display quality and the iPad app library. 

      I'll use it primarily when traveling for research, maps, book reading, etc

      AND, at home for watching movies, sports, surfing and light email/FB/twitter.


      My QUESTION is:

      Why should I not buy the iPad and get an Android tablet instead?


      Yes, I've never bought Apple products because I like to tinker and because most Apple people are largely showing off and trying to be cool, which doesn't matter much to me. 

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          Since you have used Android and seem to have determined that there are apps  that you want to use that are available on iOS but not available on Android, you should buy an iPad.  Every Apple product owner isn't trying to be cool or show off.  You can be one of the ones that just uses the product that works best for you.

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            What apps/items are you looking at that aren't in the Google Play Store?


            All those things you mentioned wanting to be able to do, you can do on an Android tablet whether it is a wifi only version or the version with cellular connection. I know I do most of those tasks now on my tablet.

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              I can imagine that there are a few.  When I initially chose iOS three years ago, there were three specific apps that were available on iPhones that weren't available on Android devices.  I ended up not liking two of the apps and the entity stopped supporting the third app that I did like, suggesting that people use the entity's mobile website instead.


              Specific apps come into play when there is an entity or business that I'm already affiliated with that develops an iOS app but puts off or doesn't develop at all an Android app.  There may be other apps that can find similar information, but I may prefer the familiarity and ease of use of having a mobile app to do the same things that I would do on my desktop anyway.


              I no longer use iOS on a regular basis and do all mobile activities on Android devices now, but I imagine that there are still entities that develop for iOS first, then consider other platforms later.

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                While I agree with your thoughts, I'm still wondering what the OP is finding that they can only find on iOS.


                I know for a fact that one program I use on a daily basis has apps for iOS, but is still in development for Android. Thankfully I can work around it by using PDF version of files.

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                  Over the years, my wife, who is deeply into art and travel, has sent me links/stories on apps that she would like.  More often than not, they were (when she told me about them) only available on the iPad. 

                  But, I do totally agree that most of the basic apps I would use (email, Kindle eBooks, Google Maps, music, internet access, calendar, etc) work fine for me on my Android phone.


                  SO, let's move away from the app issue entirely.

                  Do people think the Galaxy display (for example) is as good as the Retina iPad display?

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                    And, let me point out that I'm asking why I SHOULD by an Android tablet INSTEAD of an iPad.

                    Clearly, one thing is to save money.....  I do understand that.

                    I also understand that if you have an Android phone, you might want an Android tablet too.


                    But, I'm really trying to identify other capabilities/features/strengths (other than price and consistent interface) that might cause me to prefer an Android tablet....

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                      In looking at the specs, the ipad has a lower ppi resolution then the new Nexus 7.


                      After the last review I read of the Galaxy series of tablets, I won't be looking at them for a while.

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                        I like the Samsung Galaxy Note tablets; there is a new one coming out soon, the Note 10.1 2014 edition.  I prefer this one because of the S Pen and all of the things that you can do with it. 


                        I'm not a display person, so I can't speak to which one is better.  The existing Note 10.1's display is fine for my needs, but I'm not viewing art in the same way that you will.

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                          Have you seen the NExus 7 in person, Ann154?

                          And, it doesn't look like it's available from VZW yet - and I need to make my purchase in the next few days

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