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    Where do I find Opera Mini?


      I have an LG Octane. When I try to access the internet, I get a message telling me that the LG Octane web browser is no longer supported and that I need to download Opera Mini. When I go to "Get New Applications," I don't see Opera Mini as a choice in any of the folders.

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Hi rxbeer,

          Great question! I certainly understand how important it is to have access to the web browser on your device. Unfortunately Opera Mini is not supported on the LG Octane at this time. Often times web services are retired or become non supported as devices are no longer offered. Have you considered upgrading to a new device? Please keep us posted, thanks!

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            According to your website, the Opera Mini should be available on my LG Octane.  It is listed as one of the compatible phones. Why, then, is it 'not supported at this time' as you state above?  I have enjoyed using the 'Mini' and find it to be a slap in the face to have it taken away now.  And, as you responded to the above message, I will NOT upgrade to a new device.  If we have been using a particular feature for years, only have it taken away now,  does not make me want a new phone...it makes me want a new phone company!  So please either get another 'browser' like the mini or you will lose many customers! This in NOT how you keep long-standing customers.

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              Verizon Wireless Customer Support

              Hello and happy Tuesday fellow community members,



                              First, I would like to offer a formal apology to you, the community, as we may not have given a clear solution on the topic. I would like the opportunity to clarify as we know that this may be an important process for some. The great news is that the Opera Mini browser is available for the LG Octane. As a matter of fact, it’s my favorite browser to use. While it’s not a preloaded app, it can easily be located in the Media Center. I want you to love and enjoy the internet experience that I have enjoyed on my LG Octane using Opera Mini. Below is the steps on how to download the Opera mini browser.



              Media Center > Browse and Download > Get New Application > Productivity / Utility > Opera Mini



                   Once you have done so then you are ready to experience all of the joys that this amazing browser has to offer. If you have any additional questions or concerns then as always, we are here to support you.  



              Thank you...



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                I wasn't able to find it using the steps above. However, I was able to eventually find it by going to:

                Media Center>Search>VZW media>search for "opera mini"

                Thanks though.

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                  I have two LG Octane phones and have no browser. I have done everything that has been suggested here and took my phone to a Verizon store which more or less told me they were a sales person and not a tech. I called Verizon and the tech told me that he did not have a solution to call LG. I contacted LG and they said that Verizon took the old browser off because their changes no longer support it. Verizon would have to fix the problem. The opera mini was suppose to be in my applications but it is not there and now they say that they can't help me. Basically this renders my phone useless for data. The best part is yet to come. I changed my phone to prepaid and because of the browser I have to pay Verizon for a smart phone plan....... Verizon took the browser off, did not make it so I can put another one on and charges me for a smart phone plan.  Their solution is buy another phone. That means buy 2 phones for us. I like our phones. They are easy to use and we can hear on them. The battery stays charged for almost a week and texting is easy on the keyboard. It would be nice to be able to occasionally use the browser to look up things and to read facebook. I have been with Verizon for over ten years and had recommended them to many of my friends and my family. I am truly discouraged with Verizon at this time and since I don't have a contract and if I have to buy new phones anyway, I might as well give my money to someone else. A friend offered to give me a phone that she is not using but it is also LG and if they took the browser that she was using off the end of August then it won't work either. I would think that someone could fix this problem or maybe the better business bureau or another firm might need to help all of us that can't use our phones now for data. We paid more for these phones in their day because of their features and Verizon has now made some of the features useless.

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                    It is not there. Any other solutons?

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                      Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                      Trust me heavenbound1954, I understand your concerns.  I really don't want to see you leave us over this.

                      Let's try going to the "Search" option, it brings up Bing.  Type "opera", then there are two tabs (left says Web and the right says VZW Media), select the right tab and there should be an option to download the application.  Please let me know how this works out for you.  Thanks again!

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                        Okay have been there done this and again it does not work. I can get to the download and it is says get it. Then it says "No items were found."  I am really discouraged with this.

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                          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                          Hi there heavenbound1954!

                          Let's make sure we explore all available options. I dug deep and found that a lot of octane users were able to download and install the Opera Mini browser with the steps listed above. It's definitely odd that you're unable to do the same.

                          I want to clarify the steps, with alternate steps as well:

                          To download Opera Mini on the Octane, go to Media Center > Browse and Download > Get New Application > Productivity / Utility > Opera Mini

                          If it isn't loaded under Productivity / Utility please try Media Center > Search > Type "Opera" > Verizon Catalog > Proceed to download. To clarify, go to search > it brings up Bing > type "opera" > then there are two tabs: the left says web and the right says VZW Media > You need to go to the right tab > VZW Media and then there is an option for the app to download.

                          Please keep me posted on your results.


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