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    Galaxy note 3 upgrade situation


      So my husband wants a galaxy note 3 and will be getting one.  We both have unlimited data and he does not want to lose his unlimited data and neither do I.


      His parents Both have upgrades on their lines, his dad is upgrading to an S4 and his mom has a basic basic flip phone.  My husband wants to do the following and see if it will keep his unlimited data.


      His dad and mom both upgrade.  His dad to the S4, his mom to the Note3.  After both plans and pachages and stuff are chosen and both phones are activated, his mom will then take the note three completely off of her plan and put her basic flip phone back on.  She will then hand it to my husband who will in turn put it onto his line.  Will this get around the dumb situation of taking away his unlimited data?  When he puts the phone on his account will it even count as an upgade?  Thanks a bunch. 

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