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    Galaxy note 3 upgrade situation


      So my husband wants a galaxy note 3 and will be getting one.  We both have unlimited data and he does not want to lose his unlimited data and neither do I.


      His parents Both have upgrades on their lines, his dad is upgrading to an S4 and his mom has a basic basic flip phone.  My husband wants to do the following and see if it will keep his unlimited data.


      His dad and mom both upgrade.  His dad to the S4, his mom to the Note3.  After both plans and pachages and stuff are chosen and both phones are activated, his mom will then take the note three completely off of her plan and put her basic flip phone back on.  She will then hand it to my husband who will in turn put it onto his line.  Will this get around the dumb situation of taking away his unlimited data?  When he puts the phone on his account will it even count as an upgade?  Thanks a bunch. 

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          Please note that his parents are on a completely SEPERATE plan then us.  2 lines on each plan. The family wants to go in the store and do it in person.  Will they allow us to do this in the store?

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            The phones once they switch to your account would no longer be eligible for insurance and the warranty is void since you both would be considered the "second owners of the devices.

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              Thats fine with me.  It would just be the note 3 that would be transfering to my hubbys account, the other one would stay on my hubbys dads account and his mom would go back to her original basic flip phone. 

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                This did not answer my question though.  Also on the warrenty, I got a warrenty on my phone that was a referb from verizon, why wouldnt it be offered for this one?  So your also saying that if someone were to say, give their dauther or friend or whatever a new phone for a present, it void the warrenty because they were not the person who had it first? That kinda does not make any sense to void a manufacturer's warrenty on a new product. I could just buy the phone myself using my credit card for my mom-in-law and then it would "technically" be mine anyway.

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                  My understanding is if the phones are all on the same plan (we have a family plan and have done this) they may be switched among plan members and still retain warranty and insurance.  However warranty and insurance are not transferrable to a person on another plan.

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                    I dont care about insurance but thats a big issue with the warrenty meaning samsung not honoring their warrenty on a product that is new.  It was my understanding that if you purchased it, and have proof of it, and its yours then its covered.  If I bought the phone or my hubby lets say cause he is the one using it and he has the receipt and proof of purchase why would samsung not honor it.  Oh well, would this work?  In any case this is the only way for the hubby to get the phone at a regular price and keep his unlimited data plan.

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                      I just read samsungs warrenty policy.  Apperently if the hubby buys the phone, keeps the receipt then the phone is his warrenty even if he does the swap thing on the two seperate verizon accounts.

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                        The purchase receipt would be associated with his parents account not yours. His parents are essentially giving the phone to their son who is on a different account. The warranty is void according to Verizon Wireless and Samsung.

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                          So would this work?  Yes or no?

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