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    Reality Check


      I ussually do not like commericals, but I have to tell you I just love the new reality check commerical! Why? Because it very accutely discribes how I feel about my hot spot service I am getting! So fustrated, have had my 5spot ac30 bc7d for years, but lately I have had so much trouble getting on the internet. I am an over the road truck driver and use my hot spot every where, lately near big cities I can not hook up to get my yahoo e-mail, check Facebook let alone play Facebook games. I contacted customer service a couple weeks ago when I was just outside Detroit, MI. We did the speed test and one way was good, but the other failed. She wrote up a service complaint, but I have not heard any thing. Today I am just outside Augusta, GA  and it is so slow. I am grandfathered in under the unlimited plan and know my device is only 3G, but things are getting worse! Been a customer since the mid 80's, but seriously thinking on tiring an other carrier! No complaints on my phone service, but your internet service stinks. I have read others comments and it all seems like the same story using a phone or a hot spot or jet pack device. Seems to me that would point to your service!

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          I know what you mean. I've been seeing this commercial every time I watch Hulu and I'm starting to get somewhat frustrated. I've had verizon for almost 7 years now and I recently upgraded to the Motorola Razr Max. I've loved this phone since I got it (I was living in SoCal at that time) and of course in the store it worked perfectly but as soon as I got back home the service was not as good. Since I've now moved to Southern Texas the service has only worsened. I've taken it to the local verizon store and what do you know it worked well in their store but at my apartment I barely get 3 bars and I never get the 4G I'm paying for, I even started paying for additional data since they removed my unlimited when I upgraded and because the connection is so bad that my phone times out when trying to load a webpage as simple as Google, this only wastes my data . As far as my work goes, I just stopped bringing it since I can't even make or receive phone calls there.


          What bugs me the most is that verizon continues to advertise that they have service in both of these areas where clearly they don't.

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            I am noticing a severe degradation in the 4g speeds here in the San Francisco FiDi area. But I am seeing 3-4 "bars" of 4g.. and speeds in the hundreds of k.. not m.. but k.

            Its gotten to the point where we routinely say we have 3-4 fake bars. Coverage seems to be there.. but the back end just can't handle the speeds their towers are advertising.


            REALLY get irked when they are doing the localized commercials, and I know exactly where a person is standing when they are being interviewed, and you cannot get any throughput there. Yet there they are, talking about how they couldn't download movies.. or play games on another carrier. *rageface*

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              I hear you on the 3-4 "fake bars" of LTE.  It kills me because my iPhone isn't smart enough to switch to 3g (which actually works!) and instead just leaves me with a phone that has no internet.  I really wish Verizon would fix this....