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    WWAN question


      I am considering getting a Fujitsui Life Book T731.  It is a touch laptop.  The one I want to get is claimed to have Verizon 3G WWAN capability.  Does this mean I can take it to the Verizon Wireless store and have it activated by purchasing a dedicated line without using a mobile hotspot?  I am already with V-Wireless and have a tablet.  I am looking for the same kind of connectivity as we experience with the Samsung tablet we have.  We are in a rural area and the tablet works all the way from 4G to 1G.  We tried to set the tablet up as a hotspot, but it didn't work great with an old Mac laptop.  I know the laptop can pick up wireless because it has worked with linksys.  The problem with the hotspot is that when the signal goes below 4G LTE, the hotspot doesn't seem to work or is very slow.


      Thank you