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    What is this employee discount thing?


      I have been a Verizon Wireless customer for over 10 years.  I have purchased multiples of phones for me and my family yet I now receive a message stating I have to send them updated information so I can retain my corporate discount.  There has NEVER been a "corporate anybody" paying my bill and I find it very disturbing that I'm not able to keep the discount because I'm with a small company now.  What about customer loyalty?  Customer payed on time loyalty?  If they pull the little discount that I get, then I will pull my "loyalty" with them and go to Cricket.

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          Employee discounts are discounts through your employer to get a discount off of your monthly bill. If you are receiving a discount now, it's time to renew it. Are you with the same company you have been with when you first signed up for the discount? If not, then you broke the terms of the discount program by keeping a discount for a company you are no longer employed with. Which is why the renewal's started. If you log in to your My Verizon, notifications should be on the right side. That notification should show the employer's name. If you are with the same employer, all you have to do is validate that you are still with them and you'll be good. If you are not with them any longer, it was your responsibility to re-apply for the discount with your current employer, regardless of if it's lower or not.

          If you switched employers and no longer qualify for a discount, how is that Verizon's fault? And if you didn't switch employers, just go on to your My Verizon and validate your employment. Plain and simple.

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            So you think since someone worked for a company at one point in their life, you should be able to benefit from an agreement between that company and Verizon for the rest of your life?


            No, you will not be able to keep the discount you were getting associated with a company you no longer work for.

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              I've had an employer discount through the US Postal Service for over 10 years.  Am now retired from the Postal Service and cannot provide a work email or pay stub.  Am I still eligible for the employer discount and if so, how do I renew my discount?

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                Am retired from the US Postal Service and draw a monthly retirement check from them, but don't have the only proof Verizon requires to renew my monthly discount.  I would think that I'm still associated with the Postal Service, so what do I do?

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                  We were lied to about the employee discount. If we weren't we would have made other choices. VERY disappointing. We were told once it was on your account it stayed on your account. The discount from my company was slightly lower so we went with my husband's.


                  When my husband retired a few months ago, about the time this verification stuff started. We changed to the discount at my company but we're not happy about it. This "bold-faced" lie cost us our unlimited plans. I'm no longer feeling the loyalty to Verizon. All 5 contracts are up by Dec. 2014. Hope they get better data plans (unlimited or at least more for less $$) before then!

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                    Since you are no longer an employee, but a retired employee, you would no longer be eligible for an "employee" discount.

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                      I don't think that's necessarily true; it depends on the employer's agreement with Verizon.  The poster may be able to get more information from their previous employer's HR department.

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                        Was just told by a Verizon employee on chat that I could take proof of retirement to a local store to verify my continuing eligibility for the employer discount.  He said that was the way retired military did it

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                          You can get an actual pay stub from the Postal Service, and show that to Verizon. This will satisfy their requirement as your monthly income is derived from the Postal service and paid through the Postal service.


                          Retiring from a company is a lot different then leaving the job and working somewhere else. According to Verizon you are still eligible for the employee discount if your income or any portion of your income is generated through a valid company that is set up to receive discounts.

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