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    Stolen phone issues


      Last night, someone stole my phone. That's not news. What is news is that I have tried every phone number I could find at Verizon to report a stolen phone. Whenever I actually got to a real person, I was informed that I reached the wrong number and was transferred to the billing center. The only options there were to add money to my account. WHAT A CROCK. All I can figure out to do is to cancel my credit card. That way, I can't be billed for usage on the phone. I understand my phone is lost. But shame on Verizon for making it impossible to report a stolen phone. If that function is on the website, it is impossible to find. Verizon is big part of the problem of phone theft. They are effectively saying to the thieves "Hey go and steal phones. It will help us sell more phones."  If Verizon would allow people to report stolen phones AND give the victim the phone numbers that were called from that phone after the theft, we could give those phone numbers to the police to help them find the thief. Please don't bother flaming me for this suggestion. I am the victim here. I have the bruises to prove it. I am too poor to afford another cell phone, and resulting bills related to the theft. To **** with this bull about don't snitch. This is what keeps these evil people in business.



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          Is this a pre-paid or post paid-phone?


          Have you tried CS? Pre-paid (888) 294-6804, post-paid (800) 922-0204.

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            I basically have the same issue, I replaced a stolen phone, but I'd like Verizon to make sure whoever took my phone didn't just walk into their store and activate it on a different account. From what I can tell, the only options are to suspend service, which is only related to the line, not the device. So yes, go steal phones, we won't even check if we sold this phone to someone else already seems to be the attitude.