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    LG Revere 2: Cannot transfer pictures to computer?


      In two separate support locations (the phone's user manual and the Verizon Wireless Knowledge Base), and also on the phone itself I see I am supposed to be able to send pictures from the LG Revere 2 directly to Online Albums. I followed the instructions and it didn't happen. I was on chat for more than a couple of hours with Verizon and they couldn't figure out how to make that work either. I tried to make sure I had a Verizon Cloud account, and tried again. Nothing. Verizon told me they would get back to me within 48 hours. It's been almost a week, so I called Verizon. Now I am told there is no Online Album anymore. And that the new Backup Assistant Plus will not work with the LG Revere 2 photos. It also will not work with a direct USB cable to the computer.

      The only thing they can suggest is a roundabout process of sending each individual photo to an email account and then saving the pictures from there. Tedious. Meanwhile there is nothing on the support website which mentions these difficulties, so I thought I put it out here if anybody's thinking of getting the LG Revere 2 as a basic phone. It doesn't do what LG and Verizon say it's supposed to do, so you might want to think twice.

      (While we're at it, the digital zoom function is also not working, but that's another issue I suppose.)

      Finally, we are beyond the "14 day satisfaction guarantee" by the time we try to download photos. This is just terrible. I'd like to return the phone, but if we're out of the two week period does that mean we're stuck with this unacceptable model??

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          You could also try using bitpim software or transferring the photos via Bluetooth.

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            I'm liking Verizon less and less. I don't know what bitpim software is or how to use it. (Not covered in manual, that's for sure.) As for Bluetooth, the only other Bluetooth device I have is my Kindle Fire HD and the phone is not connecting to it, nor is the Kindle connecting to the phone. They can't even find each other.

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              Tikibar, thanks for your help. I see I would need a special cable (more cables! Hooray!) to use BitPim? Meanwhile I finally was able to use Bluetooth to move the photos to my Kindle Fire HD and then to the computer. So thanks for that suggestion. Verizon Support never suggested either of the two things you did.

              I understand there's a learning curve to any new device, but the LG Revere is SOLD as a "BASIC" phone. It's quite similar to the first flip phone I got years ago, and the idea was to give my husband a basic phone since he is a first-time mobile user. But this whole experience has been anything but "basic."

              The frustration has only been compounded by Verizon's inability to actually support the thing and the fact that both the phone's manual and Verizon's online phone-specific knowledge base instruct you to use a process which apparently hasn't existed since March of this year. I will do whatever I can to get away from Verizon and I sure am going to urge anyone else to stay away as well.

              Now I am going to find a real Tiki Bar and soothe my nerves. Thanks again.

              By the way, I am also finding that the only way for me to respond to you is through email. The "Reply" buttons don't do anything on the conversation thread. (Yes, I'm signed in to the community.) ***?

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                Glad the Bluetooth approach worked.  It's a lot easier to transfer photos if you have an SD (memory) card, but those are starting to disappear from smartphones as well. 

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                  Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                  Dear Micklest,

                  Good morning. Ensuring you are able to save your pictures is very important. I am sorry to see that your having issues with sending pictures to your online album. Allow us to get to the bottom of your concerns.

                  I have verifed that the LG Revere 2 does have the capabilities to upload your pictures to an online album. Where did you purchase the device? Below I have provided you with steps to ensure you are locating the option correctly.

                  1. From the main screen, press OK to choose MENU.
                  2.  Select Media Center then press OK.
                  3.  Select Pictures then press OK.
                  4.  Select My Pictures then press OK.
                  5.  Select a picture then press the right soft key to choose Options.
                  6.  Select Send then press OK
                  7.  Select To Online Album then press OK.

                  Thank You,
                  VZW Support
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                    Thank you for your response. In answer to your question, I purchased the phone directly from Verizon.

                    I have already tried exactly the steps you suggested (because I do like to read instructions and manuals--I'm funny that way ) and received messages that the photo was unable to be saved to Online Albums.

                    Unfortunately, your service team is apparently not up to date; I chatted with Support for two hours and was also on the phone for another hour. None of the three people I dealt with could get Online Album to work from our phone.

                    So, please double-check. The conclusion your colleagues came up with is that Online Albums are being phased out and Backup Assistant Plus is replacing that service. However, it appears the LG Revere 2 is not supported for media transfers to Backup Assistant Plus.

                    If you get an LG Revere 2 phone in your hand and try to set up and transfer photos to a new online album, I feel certain you will have the same experience we had.

                    Meanwhile, another user suggested I try using a Bluetooth connection. After some trial and error I was able to connect to my Kindle Fire HD, transfer them there via Bluetooth, then use a USB cable to move the photos to my home computer. But my point is that there is information that Customer Support is using which is outdated. So is the user manual. And the Online Album option is still on the phone, but no longer supported.

                    Please check, and I believe you will find that what I am saying is true. And please understand I'm not trying to make trouble or anything like that; I just want other users to be aware of the issues with the phone's features and services so they can make an appropriate purchasing decision. My feeling is that this an acceptable phone for calling and texting, and I stand by that.

                    Thanks again for trying to help.

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                      tikibar1 was spot on. BitPim is the answer to move the pics directly from the LG Revere to your computer.


                      1. Download the software from here = http://www.bitpim.org/
                      2. Your LG Revere charger cable should have a USB interface on the adapter end, just remove the adapter and plug the USB into your computer.
                      3. Then follow these instructions = http://vn150help.blogspot.com/2011/10/transfer-media-from-lg-vn150-revere-to.html


                      Hope this helps!

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