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    Droid Maxx Touchless Control


      I received my Droid Maxx phone yesterday and it is awesome so far.  The only issue that I had was that the Touchless Control feature did not activate the speaker when placing a call via voice.  The ability to enable the proper setting did not exist on the phone.  This was corrected by going to the Play Store and updating Touchless Control.   The proper setting is under settings>touchless control>use speaker phone and only appears after the update.  .  I'm not sure why this didn't update automatically?  Just thought that I would share this quick fix.

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          Apps in the Play Store don't automatically update unless you allow them to do so.

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            All my other apps updated automatically.  Perhaps that it was just coincidental.  The update was dated today.

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              Motorola released the application on Play Store today. Also the default seems to be auto-update in the Play Store unless you turn it off. I would suggest turning it off especially if you are on a tiered data plan so the applications don't update over the cellular data whenever they want.

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                Or set it to update over WiFi only.

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                  PATRIOT78 how ya like the back of that new Maxx I thought what i could see of it). It looked pretty good if you how to send some pic's send a couple and on that App it was Released for the Droid Ultimate Family of Phones and the Moto X I can't to have a Look at one what i was wondering as Well and i didn't recall seeing is if the battery is of the Removable type you might have a Look at the Manual to see if it shows that being able to be Done..

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                    The battery is not intended to be removed by the user.  However, I'm sure it can be done but would probably void the warranty if done by the user.  I don't have another phone at the moment to send pics with.  The back does look great.  I put a silicone cover on to protect it from drops but may remove it.  All and all, I am extremely pleased with this phone.

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                      Well since i haven't had the pleasure to get one yet into my Hands i wasn't for sure if the battery was of the Removable type I should have known though but i'm bouncing back N fourth from this Forum and the one that i'm finding Info on my New BCD 996xt that I got recently)  It's a Scanner from Uniden Corporation.. But i was kind of thinking that these new Motorola's were Descendants of the HD's and the M that were released last year but were Geared in a better way to Run better..