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    Issues with Citrix Sessions through MRB Router?


      Ok VZ techs (Evan, Melissa, etc)  could you please look at this issue and try to find out what would be causing these disconnects?

      Other Non-VZ techs on this forum..your two cents is more than welcome..



      I still have the same old issue of the Netgear router randomly resetting it's connection many times throughout the day, but I'm not here

      to complain about that unresolved issue. It seems the Vz techs don't want to help us if it can't be fixed with a router replacement.

      To answer your questions in advance:  YES, my router has been replaced twice and YES my signal is -65db all the time. YES I'm a

      network engineer who been dealing with tech issues for almost 20 yrs so I know a faulty product when I see it.


      Today's problem:

      I mostly connect to my work office via a Citrix web portal and run a Xendesktop session. This uses only ports 80/443 so no funky VPN connections

      happening.  It will work about 60% of the time..but on other occasions as soon as the local Citrix receiver starts running to bring up my xendesktop

      the Netgear router will completely stop passing traffic.  The Broaband status window still shows connection Active and running. If I run a continuous

      ping it will drop packets for about a minute and then once my Cirtix client stops the traffic will resume again and I get ping replies. All pcs connected

      to the network lose internet access if one pc tries the Citrix session. I've tested this on Macs, windows, etc and same results.  This happens several

      times a week and only is resolved by rebooting the Netgear router 1-2 times. It works fine for a bit..then starts doing it again.


      So, what the heck would be causing that to happen?

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          A couple of questions?


          1. The MRB router you have is it from Verizon or from a 3rd party?  The reason for the question is Verizon has a unique firmware on their MRB routers that lock down the router.


          2. Do you have a static IP address? 

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            It's a Vz branded Netgear straight from Verizon. I believe its the "unique" firmware that is causing the majority

            of the problems we see on this forum.


            I don't have a static IP address...I didn't know Vz could provide you with one. I seem to recall another post about a

            user having a hard time (or it cost a fortune?) to get a static IP. 


            Does anyone know if the NON-Verizon version of the Netgear MBR behaves better than the VZ version?

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              Another interesting thing I learned while talking with the Vz techs on the phone.  They specifically told me that

              this Netgear 4G LTE router is considered "Open Development"..meaning that VZ can't even open an internal

              ticket on it because it's not fully supported.  They told me the only thing they can do is give me the phone#

              to Netgear support and have them fix it.  What the ....??? I said Vz puts their logo on this *** and then markets

              it all over the place as their lightning fast 4G solution, but then tells it's customers "we don't fully support this

              device"  Are you kidding me? 

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                John Getzke

                You mentioned that you swapped your router out several times already.  That makes it sound like a problem with the wireless environment where you are trying to use it.  Either the environment is having an issue the 4G LTE router simply cannot perform the duties that you need it to do. 


                If you have an opportunity you could try to isolate it down to an environment issue by taking your 4G LTE router on the road.  For example if you were able to connect from a different set of towers and reproduce the same issue then you know for sure your normal environment is fine and the device is the problem.  Likewise if the problem cannot be recreated in a different location then you know there is an issue with your normal environment allowing you to focus on those options.  Your description makes it sound like the problem is fairly easy to reproduce so a road trip may be a useful tool.


                Would there be any option to try and remote to your XenDesktop over a normal VPN client instead of using the portal for comparision purposes?  I know you dont want to mess with a VPN if you dont have to but it may be your only option with your current 4G LTE Router.  A full featured VPN client may have better luck at establishing a remote connection than a browser based remote control session.

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                  I've tried using this router at a house about 7 miles from mine and had similar issues. Not sure if it was on a different

                  tower or not. Its about impossible to find out where the Vz towers are located.

                  Also, I've tried a Cisco IPSEC vpn as well and it seems to work a little better, but it still drops when the router decides to randomly lose connection.  So if I've got a solid -65db signal...how would I have tower issues? Running a Citrix session has nothing to do with the towers connectivity. This is a specific issue with the Netgear router itself. 


                  Will the Netgear N300 4G LTE Router (Non-Vz version) work fine with any Vz 4G SIM card? Has anyone

                  here tried using that device since the firmware isn't hosed up like the VZ version?

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                    John Getzke

                    Thanks for the confirmation.  7 miles away is most likely using the same VZW tower but it does confirm the problem is not in your current location for us.


                    You can look up local tower locations from many public websites such as the following:





                    The signal of -65 shows you have strong reception but it doesnt show the entire picture.  Your tower could be overloaded or unauthenticating you.  There are lots of little issues that exist outside of the raw signal strength between the towers and the connecting devices that we users have no control over.  As you may guess only a tower tech has access to identify and correct these things.


                    Based on the picture of the back of the MBR1515/Netgear N300 router from Netgear I would assume that only a normal sized SIM card will fit.  I would not assume a micro SIM card will fit.  Since I do not have access to either of the VZW or non-VZW 4G LTE router I cannot confirm if it will work or not.  You might have to give Netgear a call and ask.  Based on what I can see from the User Guides of both devices the SIMs used for each should be compatible with eachother.


                    If you decide to purchase the non vzw version please post back your findings for us.

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                      Sounds like you have a great signal, you should not be getting drops unless your SNR is jacked up.  I am not going to lie to you, the MRB router is a disappointment.  If you want something dependable and reliable get a Cradlepoint COR IBR even the non branded MRB has it's issues, less issues than the Verizon Branded but it still has issues.  Since you already have the account with Verizon just take the sim out of the MRB and insert into the Cor.

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                        Not a VT, but work in a corporate setting supporting 400 end users. Can't help but wonder, have you been replacing the Netgear or the Verizon 4G LTE? I trust you know faulty hardware when you see it and mention firmware. What if the updated Citric Receiver has a bad piece of code not jiving will with the firmware? Can you get an older piece of firmware? Can you connect directly to the source and duplicate the same issue with a modem or to the 4G LTE and bypass the Netgear?


                        Read through some more. Are you using a 4G LTE Modem with physical Ethernet plug connected to a Netgear router? Let's start there???

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                          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                          Thanks to everyone for your feedback regarding your 4G Router. What happens when you view the connection status by going to the router configuration? http://vz.to/170ceye
                          I also want you to check the traffic meter http://vz.to/12yQE0c.
                          Ensure Traffic Meter options for 4G LTE Mobile Broadband Connection box is checked.

                          To enable the traffic meter, ensure the Enable Traffic Meter for 4G LTE Broadband box is checked.
                          You should also power off/on. If you are still having frequent disconnects, we would ask you to restore to the factory default settings http://vz.to/1dd7tnw.
                          After the reset, restore the configuration http://vz.to/19Ejr5M and test it again.

                          Follow us on Twitter @VZWSupport

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