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    New Sony Xperia?


      Just wondering if anyone has heard about the new Sony phones coming out?  Any chance Verizon will get them?  I've decided to endure my galaxy nexus **** a bit longer as I would never purchase another Samsung phone and am not really interested in what Motorola is offering.  Seems like that's all there is to pick from on Verizon.  I guess my choice will be to go to the iPhone and stay with Verizon or switch carriers. I cannot take the issues of another Samsung!

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          Highly doubtful.  Verizon never gets Sony phones.  I would suggest taking a look at the HTC One and LG G2.  The One will be out Thursday.  No word on a release date for the G2, but it's confirmed to be coming at some point.

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            VERIZON phone inventory is abysmal.


            tmobile got the xperia z and ATT got the xperia z ULTRA, verizon getting the htc one 6 months late.

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              Probly never seeing as Verizon only has like 3 actual good phones (counting the one). I suggest getting the HTC one if you don't want the s4 though. Try out the s4 because its gotten a lot better since the first galaxy line.(which by the way you talk I assume you had a Samsung phone older than the s2.) I'd pick any phone before I would get an iPhone.

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                Sounds like you're just like me! I love staying up to date with the latest and greatest devices to hit the market. We have a variety of phenomenal devices currently available. http://bit.ly/nD0WuY

                No news on a Xperia device but keep an eye on VZW News for information on the latest products and services; http://bit.ly/n5snpq

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                  Pleaseeeee get the new sony xperia

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                    Im in the same boat, wanting a sony device! I made the worst decision on getting my wife and I the iphone 5 thinking id have a reliable network. I wish i had done more researching prior to my decision but just returning from AFG i wasnt considering the small varity verizon had since my wife was set on the iphone. Now reviewing the specs on the xperia ultra im considering on dropping my service and switching. Its my fault for choosing verizon but i dont have to take such a small selection of high end phones. Btw i have the worst signal in my area, so much for coverage, hello T Mobile! Secondly, i wish the reps on Verizon and sony were a bit more knowledgeable to the compatibilities between the sony device and the verizon network, sony says yes itll work, verizon says no, unless u buy from us. So to make it easier,cancel my verizon and jion another network for month to month action with a high end device that will turn heads. Sure will be promoting them and not verizon. Wonder why at&t has the best coverage now, its cause they all left verizon! Done venting!

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                      Welcome back BelieveInTheMonsterz. I'm sorry you are unhappy with your iPhone and having service issues in your area. I want you to love your new phone and get the best coverage. Let us assist you with fixing this issue so  you don't have to leave us. What area are you having issues in (zipcode)? What specific issues are you having and are the issues inside or outside? Have we performed any trouble-shooting on your phone or area via customer service? The iPhone is an awesome device and you made a good choice joining our family. We are here to help work on your issues and provide you with all the information you need to love the phone. Please try these two steps on your iPhone and keep us posted http://vz.to/16ZnIy8 , http://vz.to/1bPJKGX .