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    Droid DNA 4G LTE problems :(


      I have an HTC Droid DNA. Happy with the phone. Solid performace. The only issue is my mobile connectivety. It seems to be stuck on 3G. Now this may not be a big deal to some, and its not a major concern for me either, but I do feel a bit bummed out being as I chose Verizon for this reason, to have 4G LTE. I had a Samsung Nexus, a Samsung GS4, all without issues regarding my 4G connection. Im now wondering if I should just switch carriers.


      I have removed my SIM card, reinserted and rebooted.

      Checked for updates.

      Factory Reset

      Switched between Global and CDMA/LTE

      Tried Airplane mode, then switching back.


      No luck.


      My wife has the Droid DNA as I do, and hers is connected to 4G LTE with no issue.


      Please help.


      I spent a lot of money on this phone, and I do not have insurance anymore.