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    "SD card is Blank or has Unsupported Files" Help!


           My family and I went out all together the other night and took a few pictures... When I got home and checked my phone there was an icon at the top that looked like my SD card with a question mark on it. I looked at it and it says "SD card is blank or has unsupported files" and my pictures that I took using my phone are no where to be found. I still have pictures that have been sent to me via text message or pictures I have downloaded from the internet. I have tried restarting my phone, connecting my phone to the computer, inserting my SD card into a usb adapter then inserting that into my computer, and taking the battery out of my phone for a few seconds. None of which have helped. When I plugged my phone into the computer it brought up only the pictures I can see already on my phone but none of the ones I took myself. I downloaded a recovery program... free trial, and when I plug my phone into the computer the program doesnt sense the device for me to recover anything from. My parents live in California and I really really want to get those pictures back... Someone please HELP!