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    Why does verizon suck at getting phones?


      I'm basically tired of verizon "choices" on getting phones. They have the absolute worst selection of phones out of all of the major carriers. AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile all get way better phones and whenever verizon does get a phone its always later than the others (i.e. s4 came out like a month after everybody else got it and htc one came out like 7 or so months after everyone else. And what's up with the verizon logos everywhere on android phones? I don't see verizon slapping verizon logos with a big *** 4g lte on iphones. Really come on now one vzw logo on the back is fine it doesnt need to be on the front (looking at lg g 2 and note 2 and various other older devices) and there definitely doesnt need to be a lte logo on it. Every other company has lte verizon you aren't that special. I just hope when the nexus 5 comes out all be able to get it on verizon. They got the nexus 7 to work on verizon so i hope they get the nexus 5 too.

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          Funny thing, I'm pretty sure Verizon actually has more exclusives than other carriers.  If a particular phone is that important to you, I'm sure you could find a carrier that has it.

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            Tell me what any phone can do that these can't..

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              Exactly. Nobody cares about stupid exclusives that get one update then put on the shelves to collect dust. I could care less about all these sub-par droids. The only one i could see as good would be if verizon got the butterfly s as the DNA 2. That probly won't happen though seeing as verizon never listens to customers and if they do its 6 months too late. Its not that the phones that important its how much verizon Fs their customers and doesn't get any flagship phones except the s4 and soon the one.

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                Well you can look up yourself what iphones cant do because i could go on forever but ill just say ios is plain and boring.

                As for what the s4 can't do i'm not to concerned about seeing as i have one and it does everything i want (except that premium build quality) but here are some things:


                HTC one: boomsound (2 front facing speakers)

                HTC one: premium materials

                Nexus: stock android

                Nexus: fast updates, don't have to wait months for verizon


                Those are just a few things.

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                  Verizon will have the ONE next week, but may never have a nexus again.  So, you have effectively narrowed the list down to one phone they don't have.  If you can't live without that phone, there are plenty of carriers that have it.

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                    Thats not the point. I DID want the htc one i don't want to get a phone thats been out for 5 months and a new one will come out early next year. Hope they learned with the htc one to start releasing more flagship phones and not more droids that nobody wants. And I really hope google gets verizon to agree to get the nexus 5. If they don't i'll probly just wait for the next htc one to sell my galaxy s4 then get that cause i'm gettin tired of plastic lol.



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                      I love it when people get so upset when they settled for something they didn't want.  If you wanted the ONE that bad, there are other places to get it. 


                      And, I'm pretty sure it's Google who decided to not put the N4 on Verizon. 

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                        What happens if the one was released months back but you had no upgrade till now-. would you NOT get it... I mean 3-4-5 months who cares. the HTC ONE will still be one of the top phones for the rest of 2013 and prolly in to next year-. Its better then the MOTO-S4 and the LG G2 IMHO. while phones do advance they advance very slowly. nothing to ground breaking again IMHO.....

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                          The HTC one wasn't groundbreaking. The only good thing about it is the build quality and front facing speakers. And why does it matter if they release a phone 5 months later? Because it shouldn't be 5 months after everybody else gets it. 5 months later it will be outdated in about 5 more.

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