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    Why does verizon suck at getting phones?


      I'm basically tired of verizon "choices" on getting phones. They have the absolute worst selection of phones out of all of the major carriers. AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile all get way better phones and whenever verizon does get a phone its always later than the others (i.e. s4 came out like a month after everybody else got it and htc one came out like 7 or so months after everyone else. And what's up with the verizon logos everywhere on android phones? I don't see verizon slapping verizon logos with a big *** 4g lte on iphones. Really come on now one vzw logo on the back is fine it doesnt need to be on the front (looking at lg g 2 and note 2 and various other older devices) and there definitely doesnt need to be a lte logo on it. Every other company has lte verizon you aren't that special. I just hope when the nexus 5 comes out all be able to get it on verizon. They got the nexus 7 to work on verizon so i hope they get the nexus 5 too.

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