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    24 hour, 7 day customer service number is a hoax!


      I just wasted 2 hours in a loop being asked the same questions (from several different toll-free numbers), and repeatedly hung up on by a computer. I was trying to figure out how to delete a "virus" called Daily Scoop that somehow insinuated itself onto my samsung intensity III. The info on the verizon website did not match the menu options on my phone at all. I think I figured it out, but I'd like my 2 hours back from Verizon. Seriously. **** like this makes me want to drop the plan and go with a new carrier.

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          1-800-922-0204 or *611 from a mobile phone on the verizon network.

          Just keep saying AGENT press nothing, say nothing more.


          Verizon is not responsible for you not knowing what service you require. Customer Service or Tech Support or Billing all of which work simply via saying it into the phone.


          Verizon does not offer spyware or virus removal services. There are apps at the app stores for that.

          The odds of getting a virus on a cell phone is so unimaginable that anyone who falls prey to the App sellers to stop and remove them is just not worth it.


          Is this Daily Scoop via email or text message?





          It tells you how to remove it.


          How do I cancel Daily Scoop?  If you decide you don’t like receiving Daily Scoop, you can delete the software from your phone by going into the Get It Now® catalog and removing the software. Should you reconsider, you are welcome to re-enroll at anytime.  You can delete the application from your phone by following this procedure:  1. Select "Main Menu." 2. Then select the "Get It Now" menu. 3. Click "Tools on the Go." 4. Then select "Daily Scoop." 5. Choose "Options." 6. Select "Delete/Cancel."

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            Thanks Elector, but I had already tried all of the things you list before posting above. Please don't mistake the details for literalism. It's like a virus, not actually a virus. And I do think Verizon is responsible for making things simple for relatively intelligent people to navigate (phone help lines, how easy it is to mistakenly download an indescribably annoying program onto your device, then be given several different ways to remove it, only to learn that none of them work)... But seriously, thanks just the same.

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              I got it the first time, DS is like a virus!  Somehow I rid myself of it, though I never asked for it in the first place.   Sure sounds like a virus to me!