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        Glad to hear we are not the only ones having this issue with the discount for few months (since June 2013) and being told this plan doesn't allow the employee discount. Just got off the phone again with a supervisor who offered to take $300 off the plan for a year and that is all he can do. He did give me a phone number to call Monday since today is Saturday and voice my concern. 1-908-559-2001 and when operator comes on ask for Corporate escalations. We told each rep we talked to (there's been plenty) that we have a contract in front of us that states we get the employee discount with this loyalty plan. How is it that we are not allowed to break a contract without paying high dollars to do so, but Verizon can just come in and change it? What the heck I say? We are furious with the customer service we are getting. We would have stayed with our old type phones and low payment had we known this was going to happen. We feel lied to and abused. Verizon if you are reading this....shame on you for treating loyal customers like this.

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          The customer agreement actually doesn't state anywhere that you're entitled to a discount on every plan. It actually doesn't even say that you're entitled to a discount on ANY plan. It says you may be eligible for a discount. The majority of discounts include 25% off accessories so if yours included that then you're still receiving your discount. Verizon Wireless determines only certain plans are eligible to receive the employer discount and currently neither the $60 smartphone loyalty plan nor the $35 basic phone plan qualify. The Nationwide Unlimited minute plans didn't qualify either, nor did any plan less than $34.99.

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            Well, I have a letter from Verizon that certainly looks like it details my plan. It says I should get my employee discount (listed at 18%). I also have several months of bills that have the discount taken off. I want to know where it went. I'm intelligent enough to ask questions and listen to the answers BEFORE I make a decision. Now that the decision has been made, we're changing the rules? I have an issue with that.

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              My contract just ended today.

              450 Min and Unlimited Text and Data

              $60 Line and $30 Data

              $8 Insurance

              20% Employee Discount

              Approx $85 Monthly


              So, I called VZW and spoke to them about being on the fence and just needing a little pull to stay on their side of it.  The loyalty plan was offered to me.


              $60 + Tax and Fees Monthly

              Unlimited Calls and Texts

              2GB Data

              1 Year Contract

              Some phones only qualified for 2 year contracts

              No Employee Discount (OK though, because the loyalty plan was still cheaper)


              OK, so:  $85 for Unlimited Data/Text and 450 min.  New phone at full retail. ($600) or Keep current Razr Maxx. (20%)

                      or:   $85 for 6GB Data and Unlimited Talk/Text, get new phone, get 2 year contract. This was called the MAX plan and was designed to get grandfathered data users into tiered plans. (20%)

                     or:   $75 for 2GB Data and Unlimited Talk/Text, get new phone, get 1 or 2 year contract. (No discount)


              All above totals assume tax and fees around $5 and include $8 Total Protection insurance.


              I can pay for a 1 year contract with a discounted phone and pay $10 less a month and never have to worry about employee discounts again, pay the same to get a newer phone and limited data, or I can keep what I have but must keep current phone or pay  A LOT for a new one.


              One example, and it's the cheapest example: ($60 Line and $5 insurance) Boost:  $65 a month for 6 months and $60 a month for 6 months = 750 a year.  VZW $1020 a year.  Plan savings on Boost:  $270.  Cost of phone at Boost:  $270.  The other carriers are even more in cost because they don't have shrinking payments.  But, Sprint's coverage is horrible and no 4G here.


              In the end, you can pay more for phone and cheaper plan or less for phone and more for plan.  Equals out.


              What would you do?

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                I (removed) like crazy because the first guy said there was no contract, and it was even in his notes. Three supervisors and two managers later, I got the $60 loyalty program month to month.


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                  I have since decided to stay with my employer discount since I'm only

                  saving $10 a month and I keep unlimited data. If I lose my job and the

                  discount I may go to the loyalty plan to save $10.  Sadly, buying a new

                  phone is not in the cards for me.  I'll keep Asurion though.  I've replaced

                  this phone 2 times for manufacturer defects. That has saved me money

                  outside the warranty period. And....one day there won't be anymore of my

                  phone model to replace it with.

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                    I would beg to differ. My contract shows the calling plan, "Loyalty Unlimeted", then it shows the calling plan "Details", price and what is included, then the next line shows "Promotion Description", which is the 20% employee discount. The last line shows the contract end date of 06/03/15. Looks like a contract to me. I too have been getting the discount since July, the first month of the new plan. Then all of a sudden they stop my discount. I have spent days on the phone with them and I get the same answer, I should have never got that discount. Then I remind them I have a contract that specifically spells it out that I have the discount. They don't care. To me this is a breach of contract which means I can cancel it and go somewhere else. Pretty sad since my wife and I have been with them for over 13 years. I am looking at Consumer Cellular which allows you to pick your own plans and amounts with no contracts. They also us AT&T towers so the coverage is the same as theirs. You also get an AARP discount.

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                      That's actually a service plan summary. Any time you change your plan you'll get that same thing but it won't affect your contract with every plan change. To view the customer agreement you can go to verizonwireless.com and at the botton of the page click on customer agreement. That's actually the contract, not negated by perception.

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                        I got the Loyalty Plan today and was completely thrilled. I switched from T-Moblie (long-time customer) to Verizon two years ago to get an iPhone. My bill's been $110/mo + all those fees (w/ a 2 yr. agreement) for Unlimited Calling, 500 Text, 2GB Data. This is more than I've ever paid for wireless service.


                        Eight months after the phone switch, I lost my job of 16 years. I've cut back everywhere possible, even canceling my Cox Cable/Phone and keeping only the Internet. It's been 16 months and I'm still not working. I decided to see what features on my Verizon plan I might decrease to get the bill down. When I called today, I was offered the Loyalty Plan. The features would be the same as currently (above), with an increase to Unlimited Texting (which I DON'T need) BUT the total charge would be $60/month with a 1 year agreement. My bill should come to about $75/month instead of $125. I'm keeping my iPhone 4S.


                        I told her the $50 savings every month would be a wonderful help and I was happy to stay w/ them for another year. I consider this my Christmas gift from VerizonWireless. Ho-Ho-Ho!!! 

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