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    Does anyone have the $60 'loyalty' plan?


      I've been with Verizon for more than ten years.  I'd like to upgrade to a smartphone and was offered a 'loyalty' plan about a month or so ago.  I've talked to four different reps, but I keep getting different information so now I'm ready to just dump Verizon.


      Rep #1 offered me unlimited talk and text, 2 g data plan and a smartphone (at my upgrade price) for $60 a month.  Two-year- contract, no access fee and I would still be eligible for the 15% government employee discount, $30 upgrade fee.


      Rep #2 told me there was no loyalty plan - that it was a regular package and included an access fee and upgrade fee.


      Rep #3 told me there was an offer like that, but it was only for iphones.


      Rep#4 gave the same information to me that REP #1 did with one exceptions - I wouldn't be able to use my discount because Verizon is doing me such a great favor which really kind of aggravated me.


      Anyone have any experience with this plan?? 

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          rep #1 is correct.  If you upgrade from a basic to a smartphone then you can go into a 60$ loyalty plan. The loyalty plan is unlimited talk/text and 2gb of data and is a single line plan and does not have personal hotspot available.

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            there will still be a 30$ upgrade fee.

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              There is also a $60/month smartphone pre-paid plan which includes unlimited texting/minutes and 2 GB of data. I don't believe these plans include 4G phones, though.

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                I've had the same problem. I've been with Verizon for over 12 years. They keep sending me texts about upgrading to a smart phone and recently I received a postcard in the mail offering the $60 upgrade plan. I received the postcard on Saturday, August 3. The postcard directed me to upgrade either online, in a store, or by phone. I checked my account online but there was no indication of that plan being an option. I went to the wireless kiosk at Costco on Thursday, Aug. 8 but they said they couldn't honor that deal - that it was a "corporate" thing. On Friday, Aug. 9 I went into a Verizon store and as soon as the clerk saw the card, she said I couldn't do it in the store, I had to call the number. I really wanted to do it in person so I could discuss the various phones and options and see them first but she was adamant. I went into a different Verizon store on Saturday, Aug. 10 and the clerk there told me that offer was for a prepaid plan. I showed him the card which clearly stated it wasn't but he said he had never heard of that offer. The other clerk didn't know anything about it either but then the manager said that the offer had expired. There was no expiration date listed on the card and I had just received it one week prior! The clerk made two different phone calls to try and find out about the offer and finally ended up telling me that the offer had expired on July 31! When I asked why I was sent an offer that had expired a week before I received it, his response was that "it was only few days"! Oh - well, that's OK then! I also am becoming very frustrated with Verizon. My husband and son are both on Metro PCS and now that they have merged with T-Mobile, I am keeping an eye on their coverage and service. I am also looking at Page Plus since they use the Verizon network. Come on, Verizon. . .

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                  I currently have the Share everything plan

                  $40 for Smartphone plus line access of $60 for 2GB or $70 for 4GB this plan included HotSpot.  My contract is up 10/6 so I asked if there was another plan because I felt its bad that you would charge a customer $40 just for having a smartphone.  Originally the rep said that this was the best plan for my use.  Then I said "well then yep 10/6 i'm out of here $130 (with Sony discount) is too high for 1 phone. Then she breaks into the spill about the loyalty plan because we would hate to see you go.


                  I took it ... it will save me $50 a month verses $14 (sony discount)


                  I was just offered this plan yesterday.

                  $60 Unlimited Talk and Text 2GB data $10 additional if you go over


                  I work at Sony - No discounts


                  Extends contract for 1 year.  And still eligible for new phone upgrade.


                  The rep was clear that it was a 1 year contract not 2 years and told me my contract was extended to 10/10/14 so you might want to verify that your contract was extended 1 year not 2.  She told me if I got the new IPhone that would extend my contract 2 years but as of right now i'm extended 1 year only.



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                    Very helpful info! Thank you!

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                      I was lasso'd into a loyalty plan in august that is almost exactly like you describe.  I was hoping for a follow up from you as I've recently spoken to several customer service reps from verizon about the fact that I no longer receive the service discount because of my employer.  One rep had no idea what he was talking about and told me that the discount (even though it had been in effect previously) took a few billing cycles to take effect.  I called again 5 minutes later and the second service rep told me that the loyalty plan was not eligible for a discount.  I don't believe we ever got a definitive answer about that in this thread.  Eligible for discounts or not?

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                        Hi not sure if you got to read my post or not....  but to answer your question.  NO EMPLOYEE discount.  This was something I definitely asked about only because I just barely just added it.  For me Saving $50 compared to $14 was a no brainer.  I didn't care about my 20%.   I hope this helps as I just spoke with the rep last week. 

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                          We've been with Verizon for a bit... I think over a decade now but my memory is bad so... anyway my wife just talked with the Verizon rep earlier today (9/17/13).... she heard the spiel about that Customer Loyalty program also. Same deal with us we've been with them for years and years, etc. The rep made it sound to my wife like this program is not a normally offered program... and that it really isn't an "official" program at all... that's why many of their stores and outside sales reps aren't familiar with it I'd imagine.... but online some do I believe... and being in sales myself it is likely only offered to long-standing customers if the company thinks you're about to fly the coop... and basically what they're doing is offer the new "Share Everything Plan" minus the Line-Access Charge... everything else though stays the same re: amount per GBs you want per mo., phone upgrade $30 charges, and of course the contract years depending on what phone you want.
                          I understand all of that and today when out I was at one of the stores and a Verizon booth was there and the rep an I got to talking... I explained my situation to him and told him I was likely leaving for Wally Worlds  plan of $40 a mo. unlimited text, talk and data plan. I said I heard that the customer service was atrocious though and my wife already experienced that just trying to get a question answered on the phone. Knowing this guy was just a sales rep and not a manager or someone with authority to really do anything other than the norm I explained how I would call or go to the store and talk to the mgr. I figured that since we've been w/ Verizon for over a decade that I would give them a chance to compete... I know they won't beat it but if they are close enough it would work because I really DON'T want to dish out 100% of the phone cost as you have to with them.... $699 for a Samsung S4 ...$444 for the S3.... and worst is Walmart refuses to offer insurance on smart phones so I'd have to go to an outside co. at $99 plus a $99 deductible! But if I am dishing out $700 of coins that took me 3-4 years to save then you can bet your keester I want some type of insurance.. I am a guy... I will likely drop it, crush it, or whatever it within 3 yrs! lol. SO... the rep told me that HE was also on Wally World plan!! ****... that they have a lot of dropped calls and the service is non-existent if you have a problem but for the savings (he has 3 unlimited smartphones for $110) that it is well worth it to him.
                          SO... now I am in a quandary. Dish out the big bills for a cheaper mo. plan or pay out the keester to Verizon who although they have great coverage and service they have gotten ridiculously greedy in the past decade and to only offer one plan and then a "secret society" plan if you happen to speak to the right person (the Godfather of phones?) I think is just intrinsically wrong. NOT everyone is the same! We need 300 min. of shared talk a mo. - unlimited texting between us... and a REAL low amount for others.... say 150 a mo. shared? and then for me I want say 7GB to browse the web, watch videos etc. With that I don't think I should have to pay $90 JUST for myself and then $35 more for hers. That is robbery plain and simple! Compared to $39.88/mo. thru Wally World for me and $24.88 for her? $60 savings a month is a LOT of savings! Grant it... that Galaxy Note 3 will be $700 I am sure thru Wally World and $299 thru Verizon... but in 7 months time that balances itself out with what I'd be paying Verizon..... and after 7mos. I am saving $60 a mo. - then you look at that savings per mo. over the course of the 2yr contract I'd be locked into at Verizon and I save $1020!!! That's enough to buy myself AND my wife a brand




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