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    Moving stuff to the cloud/computer?


      How do I transfer pictures and video to cloud or computer?

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          Use the USB cable that came with the device and plug the small end into the phone. Plug in the larger USB end in an open USB slot on the computer. Wait for the computer to load the drivers. Use the computer's file explorer program to copy files from the phone to the computer.


          For more information on the this connection, refer to the full user manual available online.

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            I did this and it uploaded a Motorola program onto my computer, so when I go into "my computer" it's not there, but shows on my toolbar.  If I click on it, it takes me to the Verizon website and then the cloud.  However I could download my contacts, but I don't see anything that allows me to download pictures/videos... even when in the picture part.  They are not there and my phone is connected to the computer.  My storage on this phone is dreadful, because it is saving it all to the direct phone and not my sd card or cloud.

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              Verizon Wireless Customer Support

              I appreciate your efforts, tcl01. Thanks Ann154. Your steps were spot on for any other customer looking for assistance. Are you able to view the storage from your phone while connected? You should be able to view all the files on your phone and move them to a folder on your PC. 


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                Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                Dear tcl01,

                Good afternoon. I know how important it is to be able to backup and save the content on your phone. It would be a pleasure for us to provide you with directions on how backup the content on your device using Verizon Cloud.

                To syncronize the media from your device to the Verizon Cloud, click the link for directions. http://vz.to/19B28om You also have the ability to manage the content your information online.  If you currently have a Windows PC click on the following link to learn how to transfer content to device and pc from Verizon Cloud. http://vz.to/11mAT94 If you are working with a Macintosh operating system click for directions http://vz.to/18xGMF2 Should you need further assistance or have further questions, please feel free to reach out to us. Have a great day!

                Thank You,
                VZW Support
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                  HTTP/1.0 302 Found Location: /cgi-bin/home.ha Pragma: no-cache Content-Type: text/html

                  I have an Android RAZR M and am trying to download pix from Cloud... No luck the above error page comes up.


                  I am over quota and they want money for more memory... I only wanted to upload pix so I could download them to my computer because I could not upload them directly... Now I cannot download from Cloud either! My pix are in my gallery but not on my SD card nor internal storage... How is that possible???

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                    First off, I would NOT load anything to Verizons Cloud (just a personal thing). As for getting the stuff off of your phone onto your computer.


                    Plug your phone in using the USB Cord. 2 things will happen here. Your device will load a Motorola program to your computer (it is a  driver so the computer can recognize your phone) and on your phone you will have a new notification in the notification bar. (make sure it is showing as a media device or usb storage)


                    After the Motorola app loads, unplug your phone and plug it in again. This time 2 different things will happen. The first is, your computer will open a browser to Backup Assistant. Close the window. Right click on the icon with the Motorola symbol on it and select "When Device Connects" and then Do Nothing.


                    The second thing that will happen is a window will open and ask what you want to do. Select open device to view files using Windows Explorer.


                    When you do this there will be 2 folders that pop up. One is internal memory for the phone, and the other is the SD Card for the phone (if SD is available).


                    Now you can copy all of the pictures on your phone to your computer by selecting them all and hitting CTRL+C to copy, then open the folder or location you want to put them, and press CTRL+V to paste them.

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                      Thanks Jakeman. I tried all that but my phone says there are no pictures in

                      the internal memory nor the SD card yet there are pictures in my gallery???


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                        Are these pictures that you took with your phone? Which folder on the phone are you looking in? If taken with the camera they are usually stored in DCIM>Camera.


                        You can open the camera, and click on the settings gear. Then go to storage and see what it says for storage. It will either say Internal or SD Card. If internal, look in the internal memory folder then go to DCIM then Camera. If SD card, then same location but on the SD card.


                        If you got these from Text messages or downloaded them, then they are in a Download folder.

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