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    Retiree discount discontinued?


      I received an email from Verizon Wireless saying...

      It's Time to Renew Your Discount.

      You're  currently receiving a discount on your monthly Verizon Wireless service  based on your employment or affiliation with an organization that has  an agreement with us.                                            Your discount eligibility is  tied to your employment or affiliation status, which may change over  time.
      To continue to receive your discount, please validate your employment or affiliation within 30 days.
      It's easy to renew with our online validation process.

      I attempted the online process with no success so I called Verizon  Wireless Customer Service, who told me that my former employer is no longer supporting  the discount program for retirees. I called the HR/benefits line and was told they have no information on a policy change that would discontinue the benefit. The corporate intranet discount page does refer to the discount for active employees, but does not specifically mention retirees. I have enjoyed this discount for over 15 years as both a current employee and a retiree since 12/2002. Without a correction, the 20% discount on rate plans and phones and accessories will be deleted within 60 days, and literally thousands of United Airlines retirees will seek other service

      Is it possible to resolve this?

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