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    Retiree discount discontinued?


      I received an email from Verizon Wireless saying...

      It's Time to Renew Your Discount.

      You're  currently receiving a discount on your monthly Verizon Wireless service  based on your employment or affiliation with an organization that has  an agreement with us.                                            Your discount eligibility is  tied to your employment or affiliation status, which may change over  time.
      To continue to receive your discount, please validate your employment or affiliation within 30 days.
      It's easy to renew with our online validation process.

      I attempted the online process with no success so I called Verizon  Wireless Customer Service, who told me that my former employer is no longer supporting  the discount program for retirees. I called the HR/benefits line and was told they have no information on a policy change that would discontinue the benefit. The corporate intranet discount page does refer to the discount for active employees, but does not specifically mention retirees. I have enjoyed this discount for over 15 years as both a current employee and a retiree since 12/2002. Without a correction, the 20% discount on rate plans and phones and accessories will be deleted within 60 days, and literally thousands of United Airlines retirees will seek other service

      Is it possible to resolve this?

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          Verizon Wireless has been re-verifying all customers who receive a discount. You might have to work with the HR dept of your former employer for what paperwork is needed to verify you qualify for the discount as an retiree of the company.

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            Thank you for your reply. HR said there have been no changes by the

            company,but I will attempt to pursue f

            urther up the ladder. In the interim, I am investigating other service and

            have heard from others who are as well.

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              Verizon Wireless Customer Support

              We appreciate you bringing this to our attention, CessnaDriver. I do understand your concern here. I mean, honestly, who doesn't enjoy receiving a discount off there monthly bill. I did review corporate accounts that have retiree discounts associated with them and United Airlines is not currently on the short list of corporations. With the employer not currently contracted to support retirees we're unable to continue the discount.

              Since retirement, have you began to work for any other organizations or associations?

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                I am being asked to verify my employment, after many years with verizon wireless. I also have multiple FIOS  accounts for my homes for internet and television.   I have retired from the Postal Service, and can find no definitive answer in writing as to whether or not federal retirees continue to receive a discount on their cell phone service. Can you please tell me if my discount will continue?  If not,  I (as well as many other) will be checking out other service providers for deals.  Thank you.

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                  Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                  Congrats on your retirement lrush57. Both my mom and dad recently retired from the Postal Service as well. Employment verification is new this year and will continue thru ought the years. Unfortunately our agreement with the US Postal Service does not include discounts for retirees. I apologize, but we would not be able to extend this discount. We can review your plan options. What voice, text, & data plan do you have now? How many lines?

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                    Are you a military veteran, by any chance? Verizon offers a veterans discount.

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                      I was informed today 9/22/13 by Verizon that postal retirees DO NOT get discounts. After 15 years with Verizon, who needs them. All current postal employees should cancel at this time.

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                        Why would do people expect an Employer's Discount when they are no longer employed by that employer?


                        "Your discount eligibility is tied to your employment or affiliation status, which may change over time."

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                          Because the DO get the discount???


                          That would be a good move by someone who is happy with the service they are getting AND the discount associated with their EMPLOYER.

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