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      I recently signed on with Verizon I am quite satisfied so far.  I do have one problem.

      I lost my debit/credit card.  So I paid my bill by phone using my account  and routing #.  Chase took the money out of a wrong account.  As I noticed that my account had not been deducted the payment amount I called both Chase and customer service with Verizon.  Verizon assured me that the bill was paid Chase assured me the money would show be deducted in time. 

      As it turned out I suffered a check reversal.  I now am stuck with a bad check fee and a "cash only " stipulation to my account.  This problem can easily be taken care of by checking the account number given to the agent when I called and cross checking this number with Chase to make sure it is my  correct account number.   

      This simple procedure will prove  I attempted to pay my bill on time in good faith This will also show Chase is responsible for the incorrect payment mistake.

      Chase acknowledges to me in person the error.  Yet they will under no circumstances put this in writing.

      Someone please help!!!!




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          Hey Joegforce,

          I am happy to know that you are enjoying your service, but I am sorry to hear about the billing error on your account which resulted in you being a Cash Only customer.

          It seems like you have a clear understanding of why you were put on as a Cash Only customer and you are just looking at what can be done.  In order to do so, I would need to review your account to see exactly what happened.

          Please follow me and dm me your mobile number and billing system password and I'll review your account to see what can be done.

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            THANK YOU

            THANK YOU AGAIN

            Can you please contact me at xxx-xxx-xxxx or xxx-xxx-xxxx cell number..  Or Email me at   >> removed <<

            The solution to this issue is quite simple , getting a person of your work ethic was not however.  Or  the lady at financial services did tell me the truth and does not have the ability to make outgoing calls.  Because a quick check with  Chase in regards to the numbers I gave that day to your rep in reference to my account with Chase will prove I did try to pay my bill in good faith.

            None the less thank you so much for taking the initiative and writing me. My cell phone # is again xxx-xxx-xxxx  My billing password is xxxx.

            Thank you and God bless




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              Joegforce, thanks for the info. I tried to call your home number but was not able to reach you. Additionally, the cell number that you supplied is not coming up in our system. Can you please PM us your account number? Also, this does sound like it happened in error and in order to get this resolved you should reach out to our finacial services team @  866-266-1445 they are the only department that can reverse your cash only status.

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