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    My order is in que to be processed does that mean i passed the credit check.


      I am under a individual plan in my dads name since i have no credit, iam adding a line to this account, which requires a credit check, my dad gave me his info to give them, and i placed my order, i had gotten a email saying

      Your Order Confirmation

      Hi (mydads name) ,


      Thank you for your order. It is being processed and you will receive notification once it has shipped


      and gave me my order number and stuff like that.


      then a couple hours late i had gotten a email that said this


      Your order is currently in queue to be processed. In most cases orders are processed within 3 business days. If your order is unable to be processed for any reason you will receive a more detailed e-mail. If your order is completed successfully, you will receive an e-mail confirmation that your order has been completed and shipped.


      does this mean he passed the credit check.. or is that why it is still processing, i have no idea if my dads credit is bad, i know its not the best but he has been with verizon for years, and i know that ive never been late on my bill. thats why i was just wondering if the credit check is what im waiting for or what?


      Any answers will help thank you!

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support


          Congratulations on the new line! A new phone is always an exciting time.

          Since your dad already have an account with us, depending on the number of line he currently has and the number of lines he was approved for when he started service, he shouldn't have any issues adding a new line.

          If the new line was not approved you would have already received an email advising you that the new line was not approved.  You should have your new phone in no time.

          If you do not receive an email with the shipping information I can take a look at the account and see what's going on. Just follow me, JohnB_VZW, and send a direct message with your name, mobile number and billing password. Keep in mind that you need to be authorized on the account for me to provide account information.

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