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    Verizon in Havelock, NC lies


      I was on an older smartphone plan with three lines.  Two were eligible for upgrades, so we went into the Verizon store in Havelock, NC.  We explained that we were going on vactaion for two weeks, and would not be able to cancel the upgrade within the 15 day time frame, so we wanted to make sure we understood everything BEFORE we left. 


      LIE NUMBER ONE: The store rep informed me that Verizon no longer offers the 20% military discount, so when we upgraded our smartphones we will only be eligible for the 15% discount on the new plan.  We obviously didn't like this, but we agreed. Turns out you only get the 15% discount on the $60 part of the plan, not the individual line charge of $40 per line.  So we only get a $9 discount as opposed to the $27 discount she promised.


      LIES NUMBER TWO & THREE: She told us that there were two insurance options for the galaxy phones.  Assurion or eSecuritel.  She said that eSecuritel insurance is better because the deductible is only $129 and the insurance is $10.99 but it would be added to our Verizon bill, so with our 15% discount it would only be just over $9 per phone.  ESECURITEL AUTOMATICALLY DEBITS FROM YOUR ACCOUNT for the full amount of $10.99 every month per phone.  AND THEIR DEDUCTIBLE IS $169.


      LIE NUMBER FOUR: She said we should buy Otter Boxes for our phones because they have a guarantee that if your phone breaks while in an Otter Box, they will replace your phone for you.  I looked all over the box and said I don't see this guarantee listed, and she said that's because it is so rare that it happens, so you would just go to their website to file the claim.  THIS IS NOT TRUE.


      LIE NUMBER FIVE: She said that if the Otter Box itself breaks or rips or gets torn in any way at all, that I can bring it back to the Verizon store that I bought it from, and they will replace it for free.  THIS IS NOT TRUE.


      What absolutely galls me the most is that I am now paying $50 more per month for the exact same service just because I upgraded my phones.  We had smartphones before, and we would have kept them and stayed on the same, older plan if we had not been lied to.  I'm sure this rep lied to get her commission and I'm also sure that the store will do nothing about this.  I can guarantee that when my two year contract is up, I am done with Verizon.  I am letting everyone I run into know as well, so they can choose a different wireless provider.

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          I would report this rep to Verizon corporate. Although it'll be hard to prove she said all these things.


          It's unfortunate you did all this right before leaving for two weeks. You could have further investigated and went back to your old plan and phones within 14 days.

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            This also sounds like a third party retailer and not a corporate store. Especially since existing customers are not required to switch to the Share Everything plans when at a corporate store. The second insurance option that was offered wouldn't have been available at a corporate store.

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              Good point, Ann154. I have never heard of eSecuritel.

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                I agree, Ann, as there is NO Verizon store in Havelock, NC. The nearest one is in Morehead City, NC.


                There ARE three 3rd party retailers in Havelock, NC, however.

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                  rcschnoor wrote:


                  I agree, Ann, as there is NO Verizon store in Havelock, NC. The nearest one is in Morehead City, NC.


                  There ARE three 3rd party retailers in Havelock, NC, however.

                  One of those third party retailers did appear as if it was a standalone store called "A Wireless Havelock". I would guess that is the suspect store.

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                    Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                    LisamarieNc, I'm very disappointed to hear that you were given false information and even more disappointed that you're looking to leave VZW. I apologize of behalf of the representative. It does appear that the was an A Wireless store, which is an independently owned store, but whether you visit our store or indirect stores, we want you to receive the correct information when upgrading. Thru Verizon Wireless, we only offer insurance via Asurion. Other companies may have their own insurance carriers and have different rates. As far as your plan, when upgrading, you have the option of choosing a 2GB data plan and keeping your existing voice and text plan. I can submit feedback on the representative and also review your plan to see if choosing a 2GB plan would help you save. Please respond to my follow request and send me a private message with your name, mobile number, and name of the representative that assisted you.

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                      I've been with Alltel and Verizon forever. The last time I upgraded was several years ago and they put me on ESECURITEL insurance which is automatically drafted from my account. And yes that was through an actual Verizon store. Now I can't find any kind of phone # for them to cancel my insurance since I recently upgraded my phone and now it is being added to my bill. So, I currently have 2 insurances on the same phone. Any ideas??? I'm not sure how to get a reply to this.

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                        Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                        Hi creative64!

                        Escuritel is an insurance company that we don't work with. But, I did find their website here: http://www.esecuritel.com/ Maybe you can inquire there?

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