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    Network Extender


      Have been a loyal customer of Verizon Wireless for many years now and never had a problem with their customer service -- until now.  Recently, a family member moved into a new apartment and has no coverage.  He has the new Blackberry Q10, which is another problem -- purchased new unit under upgrade for $200 and had nothing but problems.  Returned within 45 days and received a "reconditioned" one and still having the same issues (browser, contacts, etc. won't load).  Now he moves into this new place and has no coverage - nothing - no bars, no network.  My iPhone had the same issue when in the new place. Step outside into the driveway and coverage returns.


      So I called a few days ago and spoke with customer service.  Best they could offer was to sell me a  new 'network extender' for $250.  I'm at a total loss as to why if I pay a monthly service charge, I should have to pay for a piece of equipment to get coverage when they confirmed that the area is part of the Verizon network coverage. In reading some of the posts here, it looks like folks have continued problems even after they've installed a unit!  So, after discussion the tech said he could sell me a 'reconditioned' unit for $100.  Anxious to get this problem resolved, I agreed to this, but wait...."we don't have any in stock right now...you'll have to wait until one comes in, and we'll call you". Gotten one call back so far, still none in stock...today's another day, I guess.  Not happy at all with this experience -- have praised Verizon Wireless to my family and friends saying how great they've been over the years. Between the disappointment with the Blackberry Q10 and now this network extender issue, I've definitely changed my mind.



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          do not believe them - we have had verizon for many years and suddenly five or six years ago our signal grew weak in the housse - recently we started thinking of getting rid of the land line and started looking into the issue - I drove around the neighborhood and found a small area of weak signal strength around our house - when i pressed Xerizon on this they finally confirmed that they knew there was an area here that had a weak signal and was scheduled to be "corrected" TYhey started offering the $250 extender and I got outraged about it - ultimatgely they (a technical rep) agreed to send us a free extender.  So keep after them - check the area of the signal weakness around your house.