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        Verizon Wireless Customer Support

        JDBlaze, I'm here to help you find your way back. We're here to provide the wireless network and data connection. Unfortunately, we are unable to troubleshoot the issues of applications. The applications that you've mentioned are implemented by third party developers. I recommend that you contact the developers to advise that you're having issues using the applications. That feedback will assist with improving the performance and resolving issues.

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          I have the same problem! Well the Windows Phone doesn't work with any readers you mentioned. Purchased phone only a couple months ago, and started a new job where having a "reader" is required! This is so messed up because my phone has no application whatsoever, zilch in working with "square". Which is my preferred choice! What to do? I am going to speak with Verizon because I may have to switch to a Apple phone. More fees, more of my time. Also, I'm somewhat angry with salesman because I explained my line of work, Independent Contractor, and you would think about what my needs were before selling me a phone that now I have no use for! This is crazy, your questions helped me, and the reply as well. However, I know that 3rd parties that developed the Software are not going to give me the answer I want. If there is a plan in future to have a App available, it will be too late.