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    Locked iPhone 4S Verizon 14.0 (Carrier)



      My name is Paul and I am here for some help. A few months ago, I've purchased from someone in the states a iPhone 4S as a present for my girlfriend.


      The problem is that Verizon 14.0 has no coverage in Europe, or in this particular part, so we can't actually use it as the iPhones carrier is locked on Verizon 14.0.


      I had no idea that this could happen so I went immediately on the internet and got myself scammed out of 200$ by someone who said that he could unlock it.


      Today I went on the Apple online chat and talked to someone who advised me to ask Verizon for some help, because they are the only ones that can help.


      As I am not a direct Verizon Customer, this is the only place where I can write.



      My question now is:


      What do I have to do to get this iPhone to work here? I will verify everything, if necessary; my name and address, the iPhones IMEI, my current location, everything. (not here, of course because that would breach privacy protocol for the community forums).


      Please Verizon,I am begging you. Help me out. Tell me what to do.