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    Major Issues with Windows Phone 8x (resets, inconsistent battery, powers off)


      I purchased windows phone 8x back in february, looking to change things up from the Android devices I was used to. At first, I was satisfied with the phone and its features, although the lack of apps was a bit disappointing. After using it for several months, I began to notice some quirky behaviors. Data connections would refuse to connect, I would pull the phone from my pocket and find it powered off, couldn't get picture messages, just infrequent enough for me to tolerate it. Over the past couple of months, I have seen it take a serious downturn. The unit resets itself several times a day, powers itself off at random times, and it has the most inconsistent battery life I have ever seen in a phone. I have exchanged with Verizon, receiving another phone, and at first that seemed to be a remedy. After using the new device for a couple of days, it began to exhibit the same behaviors, and now I fear it is just a poorly designed phone. This model is in serious need of help, and i regret the day I clicked the buy button. Are there any others here with the same complaints? What good is a warranty if the problem is the design?

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