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    Droid Bionic will not turn on

    Elizabeth McClung

      So today I dropped my phone (twice) on concrete (I am horrible with technology and have horrible spatial awareness). Both times the battery flew out of the phone. The first time it came back on with no problem. Second time, not so much. Concerning the wall charger, the phone shows no signs of life with and without the battery. I tried my car charger, but unfortunately it had the same result. The only time the phone will even respond is when I plug it into a USB port. A white light comes on with and without the battery, but even after a few hours the phone will not come on.


      I've had this phone for close to a year, and it hasn't been terribly buggy up until now.


      Any help would be appreciated!!!!

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          Well i'd say it's time to Retire the phone)  Take it to a Local Verizon Comm store and let them put the Battery in a Recycling bin and see if you can get the Bionic Exchange..  It sounds like you a medical condition that makes it hard handling things if this is Correct they might be able to replace it on that condition. I would definitely mention that if that is the Case..

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            Elizabeth McClung

            It's not a medical condition, I was just moving into my new place today and placed my phone in some unsafe places :-(

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              Ok i'm sorry   I understand on the Moving been there done that,  Hope your enjoying your new place but on the battery since what happen to it It may have hurt something in it Internally and that's why in some ways it not safe to use any longer it's best to take it to Verizon Store or a Battery Store in your neighborhood let them dispose of it because of what's inside of the battery if it burst it could hurt ya..  Then see if your Local store can get you a new Battery or Replace the Device for ya.

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                Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                Ouch! I know is hurts to see a device falls on the floor, especially twice! While we know that the device has fell, we still must confirm if there is any liquid or physical damage on the Bionic? Also, do you have insurance on the phone? As you share the details of the device then we can customize a solution for you. I'm looking forward to your reply.

                Thank you...

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