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    Droid DNA SIM Card Nightmare


      So after a quick browse of these forums I'm seeing that tons of people are having this issue, but I just thought I'd share my story in the hope that MAYBE Verizon will recognize this issue and take a more pro-active approach than "I dunno, maybe there will be an update. . ." which is the response I get from their employees in the store. So here we go. . .


      I, like so many others it seems, initially loved my Droid DNA to the point where I believed it was the best phone I'd ever purchased.  Good battery life, phenomenal screen, speedy browsing and downloading, what's not to love, right?  Well after about 3-4 months of owning my phone, (I purchased it in January) I noticed that every once in awhile it would not recognize the SIM card.  Now I am not somebody who freaks out over every little thing so I thought, no big deal, just pop out the SIM card, give it a clean, and restart the phone and everything will be cool right?  This worked for me for a little while and the occurrences of this happening were so few and far between at the time, I really didn't mind having to do it, because I loved my DNA.  Now it the past 2-3 weeks this issue has escalated immensely an it has been driving me CRAZY.  I would say 1 out of 2 calls I place are dropped due to my phone not recognizing my SIM card mid-call!  So today, after 3 dropped calls, I drove to my local Verizon store to have a little chat about this issue.  Now, knowing that this is a common problem for DNA owners, I was ready to go in and demand that I get a new phone (After all this would be consider a manufactures defect according to Verizon itself) but being the reasonable guy that I am, I let the guy there replace my SIM card for a brand new one instead.  As I'm driving home I call up my girlfriend and let her know that there will be no more dropped calls, therefore no reason for her to believe that I am hanging up on her mid-conversation, so she doesn't have to break up with me now .  I pull into the driveway, put the car in park, and what do I hear but that dreaded beep.  The phone DROPPED THE CALL.


      Needless to say, I am very unhappy about this situation.  Multiple Verizon employees have recognized to me the fact that this is a known issue, but none of them seem to know when it will be fixed, if ever.  Now my experiences with Verizon in the past have been pretty good and they generally are able to help me with any problems I experience, but this is just ridiculous.  I ask that anyone who owns a Droid DNA and is having similar issues please, PLEASE post something in this thread about there experiences with their Droid DNA so that maybe Verizon will recognize that this is a MAJOR issue and that they should do something about it before loyal Verizon customers, such as myself, get fed up with this and start to look at other providers.


      P.S. I also find it very ironic that the Droid DNA has no sub-forum of it's own, even though much older models do. Could this be because they don't want people to discussing this issue?

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          RiggityRow wrote:




          P.S. I also find it very ironic that the Droid DNA has no sub-forum of it's own, even though much older models do. Could this be because they don't want people to discussing this issue?

          There a lot of devices without their own sub-spaces on this community.  It is more of a level of sales volume and number of discussion regarding the device for justifying a separate sub-space.

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            I too have this issue.  I found that removing the sim card and giving it a good cleaning (pencil eraser) and re-inserting as straight as possible will help in making the problem less frequent..   If it doesn't, have someone at the Verizon store get you a new sim card and try again. 


            I also find that if I drop the phone, the situation is more likely to occur again.


            This makes me feel like there is some alignment issue with the hardware but I can't be so certain because a reboot of the software shouldn't fix a hardware issue.

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              It sounds like quite a few users have been successful in contacting HTC and having them send out a new SIM card tray and this seems to fix the issue, which means you are probably right, it sounds like an alignment issue.

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                I realize I'm replying to an old post, but I want to post what I've found in case anyone else should come across this. As you might have read elsewhere, HTC has made a new thicker SIM card tray designed to hold the card against the phone contacts better than the original card. This solves the problem with no SIM card connectivity.


                It's mind boggling that Verizon keeps shipping people replacement phones that have the same old ****** SIM card tray. How about when customers come into the store or call and complain, you simply give them a new SIM card and tray, and let them put this nightmare to rest?





                I will be happy to help you with this today. I would first suggest that you perform the diagnostic outlined below to help resolve any potential issues. Should this step not prove successful at correcting this issue for you, please let me know.


                Step 1: Toggle Airplane Mode


                1.     From the Start screen, select All App’s

                2.     Select Settings.

                3.     Tap the slider to turn Airplane mode.

                4.     Once device is in Airplane mode, tap the slider to turn off Airplane mode

                5.     If this does not resolve the issue, please proceed to step 2.


                Step 2: Remove and reseat the SIM and try again


                1. Before removing the SIM, be sure to power off the device. Remove the SIM tray using the SIM ejector tool. Remove and re-place the SIM onto the SIM tray, ensuring the SIM is properly seated before placing the SIM tray back into the device.

                2.     If after powering on the device and the issue is not resolved, please proceed to step 3.


                Step 3: Replace SIM card


                1.     After replacing the SIM card, be sure that it is properly seated onto the SIM tray before placing it back into the device


                If after powering on the device and the issue is not resolved, we have seen that a new SIM tray will resolve the issue. If you would like to try this, you may contact our support line by calling 1-866-449-8358 during the hours of 8am - 1am ET, 7 days a week. They will be able to get a new SIM tray sent to you as long as your Droid DNA is still within warranty.


                Thank you for contacting HTC and have a nice day."