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    Blinking red light????


      This is the first time my GS4 went from 15 % battery to none in a few minutes and now I have it plugged in to charge the battery with the in box charger and the red light is blinking and won't go solid...and charge...any suggestions?

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          I have a camera that does the same thing.  It blinks yellow if the camera is plugged in to the wall to charge and is not charging. If it is charging the light is a solid yellow. I found out it was a defective micro usb connecting wire.  This could be your problem.  Try using a different wire or charging plug.




          Have you downloaded any lighting apps that change the way the stock notifications led lights on the phone are susposed to work.

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            Heather you might try the suggestion above or see if Factory Resetting your S4 will drop the issue) I done some searching and found that others are experiencing the same about issue) Some say they have returned the phone for another one others mention Factory Resetting.. you might try also doing a Google search. you can sometime find Good additional info there..


            Good Luck   b33

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              When my TB 's battery would go completely dead, the light flashed and I was unable to power up the device, until there was enough juice in the battery . Once there was, light would change to the normal solid color.

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                I would also pull the battery for a minute.

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                  Yea Bill My Droid X and and my Maxx's do about the same as your TB does and when i read heather's post i was thinking it might be the same just the battery indicator)  i read the post below and some post when i done the Google search an thought well it might be something else as the S4 is Newer and is a different product from my Motorola so i thought maybe if it was the issue she could try it but after some more thinking and what you posted it could just be that the phone needs to be on the battery till the light glows solid.. What i liked and i wished Google would re-implement is when you charge you the phone off the light blinked green till the battery was full then Glowed solid green my Droid X done that up N till i put the first update on it after that it never worked like that it again..